My Long-Term Nicotine Storage Solution

Here is my video and write up for my new permanent long term nicotine storage solution

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Amsterdam // Drag 2 // Nic Shots Suck // Don’t Eat Before Mixing

In this video, I talk about my time in Amsterdam, dive into what I think vaping is like in Amsterdam, the quality of the “Nic Boosters”, a bit about the Drag 2 and how it’s one of my vaping regrets & finally I go into why you shouldn’t really be eating or drinking anything (other than water) before you start making critical judgements on your recipes or flavor notes.  Continue Reading

Volume Vapor: One Part of the Mouth-Feel TRIO

  Volume, fullness, “fluffiness”, thickness, all these terms have one thing in common and it has to do with how the vapor feels when being vaped. Have you ever vaped a really good, rich custard, where the vape felt heavy in your mouth? Almost as if you were eating a big spoonful of it. Have you ever had an ice cream vape where the vapor filled your mouth with its creamy richness? Or maybe you’ve had a cotton candy, or… Continue Reading

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Extracted: Ep. 10 – Realism vs Abstraction in MIXING

To listen press play What’s in this episode? Challenging what we know as flavor and traditionally “good” recipes is something I want to see more of, if it’s even possible.  Is it possible to create “good” vapes by using unorthodox… Continue Reading


Thick, Rich, Delicious Cheesecake vapes are one of the most popular flavor profiles in mixing, period. The strawberry cheesecake makes up for a huge chunk of all mixing sales, when compared to other flavor profiles. The thick, rich, and creamy body contrasted beautifully with the textured and gritty, cookie crust make for a harmony of flavors; that when paired with a topping, creates a flavor that’s hard to pass up. There’s also a huge amount of variance you can have… Continue Reading

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Diminishing Returns in Mixing

Parallels Mixing has many similarities to many other industries, hobbies, and markets. The parallels it has to the audiophile industry is one that really intrigues me. They sense of hearing and tasting are two sense that share many of the same traits. And if you’ve been following DIYorDIE for a while now, you’ll know that I often reference that sense when talking about different types of tastings. Our senses all share some types of similarities between each other, but none… Continue Reading

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Juiced Up: Infuse Juiciness in your Vapes

Adding juiciness to eliquids is something mixers have been doing since the dawn of the sport. There’s an inherent need for “mouthfeel” in eliquids, and for those who enjoy fruits and candies, the next logical evolution is to create a mouthfeel filled with juiciness. In bakeries, adding more weight and texture increases its mouthfeel tremendously. In tobaccos, adding smokiness to the mouthfeel gives a more authentic experience. In dairies, adding a creamier, heavier, richer flavor adds to the mouthfeel experience.… Continue Reading

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Melancholy Mixing

Set Once you’ve gathered a bunch of skills and techniques in your mixing journey, it’s kind of hard to screw up. Obviously not every recipe is going to blow your socks off but it’s safe to say, almost any recipe you blueprint will probably come out vapable. If you’re at a point in your mixing where you’re still struggling to put together tasty recipes at any given time, it just means that you need another month or so of mixing… Continue Reading

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