Conceiving Large Recipes

A viewer asked how large recipes were conceived. In a deeper way, I answer this for him with my own personal mixing style.

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Should You Leave Your Steep Alone? Or Can You Vape Through a Steep?

In this video and article, I try to find out if its best to mix your ejuice and avoid touching it for its entire steep, or if its ok to vape from your e-liquid while it steeps. The answer may surprise you! Check it out here. Continue Reading

Reading & Using the TFA/TPA Spec List

The Spec List, made by TFA, is one of the bets tools we have in DIY to help us understand exactly what we’re putting in our bodies better. It’s been an invaluable tool for me, helping others diagnose issues with their recipes. This quick little article will help many of you understand how to use… Continue Reading

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High Nic Salt Muting

So as NicSalts prove to be more and more popular, more companies are trying to capitalize on the trend. I actually don’t mind it, since I find NicSalts to be pretty awesome. If you’re someone who wants to put the vape down a bit more, without worrying about a harsh or hard throat hit, NicSalts… Continue Reading

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Extracted: Ep. 2.10 – Cytotoxic Flavorings and Compounds

  To listen press play What’s in this episode? This video I talk about a big piece I’m currently writing looking at all the science claming what flavorings and compounds could negatively affect our health. Links to Studies: Cherry-Flavoured Compounds Benzaldehyde Inflammatory and Oxidative Responses Induced by Exposure to Commonly Used e-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals and… Continue Reading

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Extracted: Ep. 2.9 – Texture & Mouthfeel (Members Only)

  To listen press play What’s in this episode? This video I talk about how important Texture and Mouthfeel is to a great recipe and I give you some flavorings that provide them.     If you like Extracted and want to support the show as well as all the other content on DIYorDIE, please… Continue Reading

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One Shot: Tips on How To Make it in the Concentrate Game

One-shots have become extremely popular since DIYorDIE first started to roll them out two years ago. Since then, the DIY community has found a way to monetize their recipes without the need of “traditional” methods. All while, still giving the consumer and amazing value. What’s great about one-shots, or concentrates, is that they can appease… Continue Reading

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