Extracted: Ep. 2.2 – Is Flavor and Aroma Really Subjective?

To listen press play What’s in this episode? In this episode we look at the science behind WHY we enjoy the flavors we do, and more importantly, why we don’t. Sources: How Do We Smell Why Do We Like Our… Continue Reading

Deep Steep

     Steeping is to DIY e-liquid mixing as Donald Trump is to bad press. The two are inseparable and there's no getting away from it any time soon. One thing that's great about commercial e-liquid is that the flavorings… Continue Reading

Extracted Season 2 Returning Sep. 6th!

The Come Back Extracted has been one of my favorite projects that I started on DIYorDIEVaping.com. For those who are either new, or just haven’t heard of what Extracted is, it’s podcast I created where I host a show that… Continue Reading

Weed Stinks: The Aroma of Marijuana (THC/CBD Research)

Marijuana, the flower, stinks. It’s one of those very pungent, distinctive smells that permeate through any room no matter the amount of ziplock bags you try to contain it in. The aroma is dependent on the different types of strains… Continue Reading

Working With CBD

I’m not very familiar with CBD. To be honest, I’m not very familiar with THC or marijuana these days either. Those who know my past know that I’m no stranger to drugs and I had an abusive relationship with marijuana… Continue Reading

Making Brown Butter by Shyndo (DIY E-liquid Research)

Beginnings This is going to be an exploration into the process of chasing a flavor profile. Will we get there? That is up to you to decide. The path to nailing a recipe can be fraught with mistakes, missteps, vaper's… Continue Reading

Flavor Ceilings

Working with a lot of clients, there seems to be one common theme that runs throughout ever eliquid company. And that is that they want an eliquid that is extremely concentrated, vivid, sweet, and will have a strong flavor no… Continue Reading

Beer Vapes by CheebaSteeba

BEER! I’m pretty sure all of us love beer… well maybe not all of us, but a lot of us! Have you ever had a beer vape? I’m sure the answer for most is no, but I actually have. The… Continue Reading

Seed Steeping – Results Pt. 2

This was one of the more difficult results to put into writing. There is indisputable evidence that there is a difference in flavor between "Seed Steeping" and traditional means, but quantifying and putting the results in writing has proven to… Continue Reading

Seed Steeping – Research Pt. 1

During Live Mixing I was introduced to a steeping method called "Seed Steeping." This was a technique I was unaware of before and immediately skeptical of. I've tried all of the other speed steeping methods before and have never really… Continue Reading