Extracted: Ep. 11 – How To Make It In Mixing (Commercial Markets)

To listen press play What’s in this episode? In this special hour long episode I talk about all I learned down the Commercial Eliquid Developing path. I detail what you need to know to become successful, how to gain exposure,… Continue Reading

Beginner Blending: Ep. 43 – The Road To Hell Is Paved With Dead Vapes or Some Edgy S#*^

  Edge Lord We discuss Jerry’s adventure to ECC. A little bit of gaming. A little bit of tech. A little bit of mixing, and suggestions for beginners to get their mixes tested by others.     If you like… Continue Reading

Extracted: Ep. 10 – Realism vs Abstraction in MIXING

To listen press play What’s in this episode? Challenging what we know as flavor and traditionally “good” recipes is something I want to see more of, if it’s even possible.  Is it possible to create “good” vapes by using unorthodox… Continue Reading