Pecans ft. Mr. Burgundy [ Noted: Ep. 74 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time  CAP Pralines and Cream  Tastes like hazelnut coffee cream with maple syrup. Not very pecan like, but it is creamy    05  CAP Silverline Butter Pecan  Sticky caramelized sugar coating really well. Lighter on the flavor, comes… Continue Reading

The Best Flavorings Ever (Pt. 1) – E-liquid Flavoring Reviews

So before we begin I think it’s a good idea to talk about how I judge what a “Best Flavor Ever” entails, because to me, it’s more than just tasting really nice. I think the best flavor ever needs to… Continue Reading

Boosted Remix (DIY Ejuice Clone)

BRAND FLAVORING % CAP Sweet Strawberry 6% FW Yogurt 3% TFA Marshmallow 1.5% TFA Vanilla Swirl 1% TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) 3% CAP Super Sweet 0.5% MIX AT 60VG 40PG STEEP MEDIUM 3 – 5 Days Flavor Notes: CAP Sweet… Continue Reading

5 Best Solo Recipe Flavorings 😋 [ #quiktips ]

Single flavoring recipes are simply put, the easiest and most cost effective way to vape. All it takes is one flavoring, some VG/PG, and a touch of nic, and you can make massive amounts of e-liquid for an extremely low… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 62 – Ube / Yam / Taro (ft. Fresh03, Leilani, and Slasha)

Ube-r Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time  RF SC Sweet Potato Pie  Very weak, chalky, powdery paper.  2.5  07  SilverCloud Estates Sweet Potato Pie  Natural, cooked, soft, nutty, but not a sweet potato flavor, strong musky note do not go over 6% … Continue Reading