Let’s Mix: Pumpkin Pie (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI0FUs9VoMU&feature=youtu.be Warm Pumpkin Pie, Graham Crust, Touch of VanillaPumpkin is a difficult flavor profile. Go eat some pumpkin filling and try to explain the flavor. It’s sort of bland, but has a distinct slightly sweet flavor, reminiscent of a carrot.… Continue Reading

Hangsen Pumpkin Pie (FlavorBook Entry Recipe)

¬†¬†Pumpkin Filling, Brown Sugar, Buttery Flaky CrustHangsen Pumpkin Pie is a flavoring that’s unlike any other pumpkin available. Most are flooded with cloves and nutmeg flavorings that demolish any type of subtley in a recipe. Hangsens is more a plain… Continue Reading