Noted: Ep. 20 – Marshmallow

Softee’s In this episode the crew talk about everyones favorite soft fluffy food….MARSHMALLOWS Flavors Mentioned fw marshmallow flv marshmallow cap marshmallow ooo marshmallow (vanilla) pur marshmallow tfa marshmallow tfa toasted marshmallow fw toasted marshmallow wf smore cupcake flv smore fw… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 19 – Tobacco Additives ft. ChemicalBurnVictim

ADDED In this episode the Noted crew bring on tobacco master /u/ChemicalBurnVictim to talk about tobacco flavorings and additives and drop a host of recipes! Flavorings Mentioned Inw dirty nuetral base Fa flack fire Inw cuban cigar tobacco absolute Inw… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 18 – Non-Aromatic Tobacco’s ft. Fear & ConcreteRiver

Smokiness In this episode of Noted, the crew tackle a ton of different NON-Aromatic Tobaccos. Ones that carry more smoky and ashiness. Flavorings Mentioned: Stixx Mixx – Sweet Bright leaf Stixx Mixx – Aged Burley Stixx Mixx – The Supreme… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 14 – Waffles / Pancakes (DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes)

The WAFF In this episode of Noted they go over the best Waffle/Pancake flavorings and the best recipes that highlight them Flavorings Mentioned: TFA Waffle TFA Belgian Waffle CAP Waffle INW Waffle FLV WTF-Awful SA Waffle SA Pancake TFA Pancake… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 13 – Frosting / Icing (ft. Thadentman)

Frosted Up In this episode the gang look at Frosting/Icing flavorings to help ice your bakeries and add to your desserts Flavorings Mentioned: CAP Vanillla Cupcake TFA Vanilla Cupcake FLV Frosting LA Cream Cheese Icing OOO Vanilla Frosting OOO Vanilla… Continue Reading