Mixing For Closed System Devices

The JUUL and Phix devices are among the new breed of cigalikes. They are sleek, small, include an “all-in-one” pod system, and output a pretty good vape. For vapers, they are small stealth vapes meant for bathrooms and plane rides.… Continue Reading

Tweaked Obsidian (Cookie Dough RY4) – DIY E-liquid Recipes

Tweaked Obsidian (Cookie Dough RY4) by ENYAWREKLAW View Mix This recipe is a tweaked version of the original Obsidian. Flavor is a warm and buttery cookie dough recipe rolled up into an RY4. There's more a focus on the cookie… Continue Reading

Castle Long Reserve Remix by CKEMIST #REMIXMONTH

BRAND FLAVORING % FA Vanilla Bourbon 2% TFA Brown Sugar 0.75% TFA Coconut Candy 3% TFA Kentucky Bourbon 2% TFA Toasted Almond 3% CAP French Vanilla 3% TFA Sweetener 1% MIX AT 50VG 50PG STEEP Long 2 Weeks   CLICK… Continue Reading

Obsidian: Cookie Dough RY4 by ENYAWREKLAW (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

    OBSIDIAN BRAND FLAVORING % FLV Cookie Dough 2% TFA RY4 Double 3% FA Cookie 0.5% FW Pie Crust 1% FW Hazelnut 0.5% CAP Super Sweet 0.5% MIX 50vg 50pg STEEP Long 1 week Flavor Notes: FLV Cookie Dough:… Continue Reading

Some RY4’s For You

I love RY4 flavors. There’s something about the flavor profile that really hits the spot. I think it’s the delicious combination between the rich soft caramel and brown sugar, light vanilla, inherent sweetness, and that touch of tobacco on the… Continue Reading

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