Extracted: Ep. 2.4 – Flavor Pairings and High Contrast

To listen press play What’s in this episode? In this episode I talk about how to effectively find great pairings and profile pairings through methods that won’t waste your time with trial and error as well as talk about High… Continue Reading

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Noted: Ep. 23 – Champagne (DIY E-liquid Flavoring Notes)

Poppin That Fizzy In this episode the Noted Crew bring on friend RinVapes to talk about Champagne flavorings and Dave celebrates Halloween in a wonderful way. Flavorings Mentioned: fw pink champagne fa wine champagne tfa champagne wf champagne soda rf… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 20 – Marshmallow

Softee’s In this episode the crew talk about everyones favorite soft fluffy food….MARSHMALLOWS Flavors Mentioned fw marshmallow flv marshmallow cap marshmallow ooo marshmallow (vanilla) pur marshmallow tfa marshmallow tfa toasted marshmallow fw toasted marshmallow wf smore cupcake flv smore fw… Continue Reading