The DIYorDIE Podcast Network

The DIYorDIE Podcast Network is unlike any vaping podcast you have ever heard before. An entire universe that brings on top members of the industry and is completely centered around the Do-It-Yourself mentality of vaping. If you mix your own e-liquids, build your own mods, craft your own tips - do anything that makes you a self sufficient vaper - you're going to absolutely love the DIYorDIE Podcast Network. has curated a wonderful web of shows filled with some of the best mixers globally, all with one goal. To educate, motivate, and most of all, entertain.  This is a network completely driven by the community for the community. With this network, you will learn how to navigate through all the obstacles of the vaping industry. You'll learn how to become completely self sufficient. You will learn how to stay one step ahead of all the regulations to come. This is vaping on your own terms.