Live Mixing, Last Week…

This is a white bread drenched in vanilla custard recipe

Made on Live Mixing:


Live Mixing is a program on the DIYorDIE Vaping YouTube channel where Wayne sits, answers questions from the chat, talks about a specific topic for the day, then mixes up a recipe all LIVE on air. The beginning of the show is held for catching up with you guys, fielding any questions you might have about mixing, or vaping, or life in general. After, Wayne speaks on a topic usually involving vaping or mixing, and sometimes vaping advocacy. Then Wayne gets into a recipe that the viewers decide on through voting right over there on the side. During the recipe Wayne explains how and why he's choosing the ingredients he chooses, while also explaining any particular theme. For example, mixing a strawberry milk, Wayne might lecture about the use of hazelnut to bring dairy notes out in creams. All of the information provided on LIVE MIXING is for educational purposes only, and Wayne, DIYorDIE Vaping, or its parent company Walker Vapor Group, do not advise anyone to participate in the procedures he exhibits.

When can I watch LIVE MIXING and where?

LIVE MIXING is held every Friday at 5:00pm EST on the DIYorDIE Vaping YouTube Channel. You can also catch the replay here at this site.

Where can I find the recipes made?

You can find the recipes from Live Mixing on this page after the show has aired. And all the recipes will be archived on with the Live Mixing thumbnail for easy identification.

How do I participate in the LIVE Chat?

You must sign up for a YouTube or Google account if you do not already have one. Then you sign into YouTube, click on the LIVE MIXING session in place, and are greeted with the chat on the right. From there you can speak directly with Wayne, ask any question you like, and interact with other members of the class. Please note, all comments posted in LIVE MIXING will be visible in the video, and any derogatory, defamatory, or offensive remarks will be deleted, and the user will be permanently banned from participating in any chats or any public boards on the entirety of the DIYorDIE Vaping network. Please be respectful, patient, and kind when commenting.