Everything you see from DIY or DIE is all done by one man. Me, Wayne. I create the recipes, test them, tweak them, test them again and then take notes on them. Then I create a thorough and in depth analyses, explaining every flavoring choice, concentration, and motivation. After which, I shoot the video, cut it up, fix the audio, add post and release it. I post all this information on as many different vaping platforms as I can find for maximum exposure. Reason being to get as many people as I can access to this info that can save them a lot of money. I do this all while going to school, making time for friends and family, and having a day job. 

Now, all of the content and information I give out is completely free for anyone to access. I do this because I really love to do it, and because I want this information to reach as many people as possible. This is all paid out of pocket by me.

With that being said, the mission for DIY or DIE is to give vapers the most efficient, sustainable, and delicious way to stay away from smoking. It's not to be the coolest vape company, or have the dopest Instagram models, or to make millions of dollars. It's to give the best info out there to the vaper who needs it the most. 

So if you like what I'm doing, and like the information I'm putting out,  and want to support DIY or DIE, click on the donate button below. If you have ever mixed any of my recipes and saved hundreds of dollars because of it and want to show some love for it, click below. If my videos have helped you finally make the jump into mixing and has given you an amazing new hobby and you want to say thanks, click below. There's no limit on how much or how little you can give. Just know that every little bit is appreciated, and know that every donation is only going to make DIY or DIE bigger and better.

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Thank you for supporting me. I have nothing but the utmost gratitude for you and this community.


Wayne Walker