Soda’s: Pt. 1 – Building Better DIY E-liquid Soda Recipes

Are you looking to make your DIY e-liquid Soda recipes better? Check out this full article detailing my favorite Soda ingredients!

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Layer Leak: How to Create Separation in Your DIY E-Liquid Recipes

Creating separation between flavors in your DIY E-liquid mixes is sometimes difficult. Here are some tips to fix it!

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My Favorite Recipe of 2019, TWEAKED

So in this article, I take my favorite custard base of 2019, and add some delicious fruit pairings to it. Check out the DIY e-liquid recipes here! Continue Reading

INW Yes, We Cheesecake Vs. TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust

TFA and INW both pack two of the best cheesecakes on the market, and are actually quite similar to each other. But which one is the best? Check out my VERSUS here!

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