Jamming Out: Creating Jammy E-liquid

Jam is a profile I’d say most popularized with the Jam Monster e-liquids. While I don’t find them particularly “jammy” I do enjoy them and I think they serve as a close enough juice to fill that jam profile out.… Continue Reading

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Flavor Talk: CAP 27 Fish; TFA/FW Red Licorice; TFA Swedish Gummy

TFA/FW Red Licorice: These flavorings are very similar to eachother. They aim to emulate Twizzlers or Red Licorice Vines. they do a good job at doing so as well. I don’t really recommend soloing these, but if you do,  7… Continue Reading

Dissecting Looper

This article will break Looper down into easily consumable parts, that can helpfully get us a bit closer to the formula. Continue Reading

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Member Flavorbook Voting

Members now have the option to choose which flavorings they would like to see covered in the Flavorbook. The first way is to vote below, on which flavorings that I’ve already tested, to have me write up for the Flavorbook… Continue Reading

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Texturizing: Creating Texture in E-liquid

I talk about texture a lot in e-liquid. It’s one of the aspects of taste and flavor I cherish the most. Reason being, it’s one of the biggest pieces in the authenticity puzzle. If you have a recipe that just… Continue Reading

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Orange Head

Orange is a profile that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It’s got a beautifully bright and slightly tart sweetness. It can add shine and sparkle to many different fruits. And it can perfectly blend different types of profiles together.… Continue Reading

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Flavor Talk: Graham Cracker Showdown (TFA/FW/CAP/FLV)

TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) TFA Graham Cracker Clear’s full analysis is in the FlavorBook for members who want a more in-depth look. This flavoring to me is such a great, versatile, flavoring, but not the best graham cracker. It contains… Continue Reading