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For less than 1 flavoring a month, becoming a Mixer Member allows you full access to all DIYorDIE content, including recipes, research, advanced mixing, tutorials, the Flavorbook, the Drip Feed, and so much more. Not only this, but becoming a member allows you to help fund this small indie operation which has been in the industry for nearly 10 years – solely on independent funding.


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The membership includes:

  • Access to the FlavorBook
  • Access to all articles, research, notes, videos, and recipes
  • Access to the Drip Free
  • Deals on other offers such as Mixing Classes, Personal Recipes, & 1 on 1 sessions

To view any of the Members Only posts, just login to your account via the top menu bar, and voila, you can now view any locked content, posts, podcasts, videos, flavor notes, and reviews.

What does the Membership give me access to?

The membership gives you complete access to the entire website. Every post, every article, every bit of research, every flavor note in the FlavorBook, every video, every podcast, every recipe, every "secret", ever thing. For only $3 a month you get unlimited access to curated DIY eliquid mixing research from the top mixers throughout the world, articles about mixing techniques from the best recipe developers in the industry, curated & in-depth flavor notes offered in the famous Flavor Book, special and exclusive "Secrets" that includes heads up on new recipes and insider industry news, and so much more. For less than one flavoring a month, you get the best eliquid mixing content, from the best eliquid mixers in the world.

How To View Downloaded Content

After your purchase the membership you can head to your MY ACCOUNT page where you can view the downloads available. As a subscriber new downloads will be released and placed in your MY ACCOUNT page (at the top of the website) as soon as they are released. This subscription is infinite and will renew until you cancel yourself. You can go to your MY ACCOUNT or your PayPal to cancel your subscription at anytime.

Cancelling your subscription will revoke any previous content on your account, and you will not receive any future content from the date you've cancelled. This is to ensure people cannot pay for the subscription and get the entire back catalog of downloads for the price of one. It is recommended you download the content onto your PC or hard drives so if you plan to cancel, you will still have access to those downloads. There are no refunds for any content you have already downloaded.

I hope you enjoy the content and thank you for supporting!

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