“Riding” the Flavor

“Riding the Flavor” is a technique I like to use when I want to pull certain aspects out of flavor profiles. Here I am to add some lingering to my mix!

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Should You Leave Your Steep Alone? Or Can You Vape Through a Steep?

In this video and article, I try to find out if its best to mix your ejuice and avoid touching it for its entire steep, or if its ok to vape from your e-liquid while it steeps. The answer may surprise you! Check it out here. Continue Reading

Juiced Up: Infuse Juiciness in your Vapes

Adding juiciness to eliquids is something mixers have been doing since the dawn of the sport. There’s an inherent need for “mouthfeel” in eliquids, and for those who enjoy fruits and candies, the next logical evolution is to create a mouthfeel filled with juiciness. In bakeries, adding more weight and texture increases its mouthfeel tremendously. In tobaccos, adding smokiness to the mouthfeel gives a more authentic experience. In dairies, adding a creamier, heavier, richer flavor adds to the mouthfeel experience.… Continue Reading

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Melancholy Mixing

Set Once you’ve gathered a bunch of skills and techniques in your mixing journey, it’s kind of hard to screw up. Obviously not every recipe is going to blow your socks off but it’s safe to say, almost any recipe you blueprint will probably come out vapable. If you’re at a point in your mixing where you’re still struggling to put together tasty recipes at any given time, it just means that you need another month or so of mixing… Continue Reading

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Pie Crust Cheat Sheet

Pies have been a staple in eliquid since its inception. From the tradition all American apple pies all the way to the more niche and interesting “Crack” pie. It’s a flavor profile that many people love to vape. And for good reason. The pie is a profile that incorporates so many different layers and textures within its body, and each of those layers perfectly complement each other. The layers usually include the rich and flavorful filling, whether it be a… Continue Reading

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