Reading & Using the TFA/TPA Spec List

The Spec List, made by TFA, is one of the bets tools we have in DIY to help us understand exactly what we’re putting in our bodies better. It’s been an invaluable tool for me, helping others diagnose issues with… Continue Reading

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Mixin Vixens: Ep. 20 – The Judge, The Jury, & The Executioners

Judged The recipes shown are as follows: mlNikon RinVapes JennJarvis ExclusiveGirl TheJuiceFairy   Join our Facebook group here: Come see our mixes on AllTheFlavors @…  

Recipe Review: Pudding It Is by Demonic_Mixer

Velvety The video above I critique Demonic_Mixer’s Vanilla Pudding recipe. In summary, I really do enjoy the recipe’s flavor and the way it vapes. It’s a deliciously rich vanilla cream with light notes of Nilla Wafer bakery on the finish.… Continue Reading

Simple Watermelon Lemonade (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

I love lemonades. They’re extremely fun to mix, mainly because they’re quite forgiving, and finding the right combo of citrus and fruitiness is always a journey. Watermelon Lemonade is a beverage I had a few times before. It consists of… Continue Reading