Workin’ On Granola

Granola is a long sought after profile in DIY. In this article, I touch upon some of my findings on how to emulate it, the types of profiles it works well with, and I give a few example recipes to help you build from. Click here to view the article and the recipes.

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5 Wonder Flavours Candies (Best Blue Raz?)

In this FlavorTalk video, I take a look at 5 Wonder Flavours Candy flavorings. Some of them aren’t the best, but a couple of them are excellent. Check out the video to hear my thoughts on them, and check out the notes in the link to see which ones I recommend. Continue Reading

WF Sour Blue Raspberry Candy

Wonder Flavours Sour Blue Raspberry Candy makes its way into the Flavorbook, and it easily delivers one of the best blue raspberry flavors we’ve had yet. Click the link for my flavor notes, my pairing recommendations, as well as my recommended percentages.

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