NYU Prof David Abrams Explains Why Vaping is Necessary for Public Health

In the video above, we see CBS This Morning interviewing David Abrams, a Public Health Expert at NYU. They discuss many of the recent events, such as what’s causing this sudden outbreak of illnesses, the idea of removing vapor products, and teen usage. Prof Abrams slam dunks every single question in this interview Continue Reading

I Speak to a Cannabis Lab Director about Lung Disease & Vitamin E

In the video above, I speak to Alex Sandorf, a cannabis lab director of 10 years. In the 30 minute video, we discuss the recent news on the lung disease cases, what is going on with the “thinners” “dilutents” and “thickeners” in the cannabis industry, and what to look out for as a consumer. Continue Reading

FlavourArt…Ists – The Shaun Casey & Richard Hong Interview

In this video I sit down with CEO of FlavourArt North America Shaun Casey and Vice President Richard Hong to chat about how FlavourArt North America came to be, their humble beginnings, the trials and tribulations of growing a company in a vast new industry, and the criticisms they’ve received along the way. Check out the full video here! Continue Reading