Is Mixing For Everyone? (Beginner DIY Tips)

DIY Eliquid mixing is often touted as a more obtrusive way to vape. I see it ALL THE TIME. Someone, for example, will post an article speaking on the Vapor industry and its eminent demise, and then someone in the comments will recommend other find DIY Eliquid Mixing. This usually follows with comments like "DIY eliquid mixing isn't for everyone" along with many different scenarios and situations that "prove" why. So I wanted to take those scenarios and really see if they hold up. The main issue that I see is misinformation as well as ignorance to new DIY methods, its ease, and how much time it really takes. How does someone know if mixing isn't right for them if they have never mixed? DIYorDIE gets emails all the time from those in various situations exclaiming their love for finding DIY mixing, and how much money and time they have saved from switching. So let's go over a few of these tropes, play through them, and see if DIY mixing doesn't work for them.

The Single Mother

"Some people have kids who get into things, and I don't have time to sit and mix my eliquid all the time." This is the easiest to disprove. If you take a look at the DIYorDIE Facebook page, and just scroll through the members, you'll be inundated with many single moms of all ages and cultures who are mixing up thousands of mL's of eliquid every week. Let's break this down. The only thing children can get into that will actually harm them is the nicotine. There are PLENTY of much more dangerous substances around the house that children can get into, and yet, they don't get into them. This is more on the parents' ability to parent, rather than the substances fault. Easy. Also, mixing doesn't take much time, if you don't want it too. Check out a quick beginner DIY tutorial, find a few recipes online, buy its ingredients (or better yet buy some ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates and some Pre-Mixed base) and mix up a huge batch. Not only will this save you thousands of dollars per year, but save you hundreds of hours of travel time going to and from your local B&M. Some of DIY's best are powerful women who have better palates than any head chef I know. There's no excuse, GET MIXIN'.

The Busy Professional

"I work too much and don't have time to learn how to create my own recipes." So this is a matter of time, and as many mixers know, you can spend unruly amounts of time learning the trade. But if you're just looking to get commercial quality flavor from your vapes, at a cheap price, without the hassle of constantly purchasing new eliquids, DIY is the more efficient method. Again, all it takes is a quick search on any recipe site, find high rated ones, get those ingredients and whip something up. Or like I said previously, you can purchase any of the hundreds of one-shots now available from great mixers, purchase some pre-mixed bases, and voila! Cheap, delicious, easy to make e-liquid. And I guarantee, the more you start to mix, the more you'll want to TAKE that time to learn to develop your own recipes. But DIY doesn't have the high learning curve it used to have. The barrier of entry is much lower, and much of the time has been taken out of first getting into the hobby.

The Commercial Minion

"I'll never DIY because I'm all about flavor and you can't beat commercial juice on flavor." This is the argument that will a DIYer's panties in a bunch quicker than a washing machine. This argument relies on the thought that commercial eliquid is made in a method that's different than what DIYer's are doing. But that's simply not true. Almost every eliquid manufacturer creates their eliquids in the same exact manner as DIYer's, some even do it at home. The only difference is that commercial eliquid has a label and is sold at shops, and DIY eliquid isn't. The same ingredients are used, the same percentages, the same flavoring companies, the same everything. As a matter of fact, sometimes these commercial facilities are disgusting (remember Crimmy's.) I'm certain many homes are more clean that these warehouses and mixing facilities. So in terms of quality and cleanliness, there's no argument. And lastly, most of the time, these commercial developers are just some dude and his buddy who are ripping recipes off of DIY forums because they know they can prey on these dumb vapers. So if you have this sentiment, if you believe that commercial eliquid is better quality in anyway, you have been misled and you're probably the type of person who buys anything with a gimmick.

The Why-so-serious?

"I just vape every once and a while and am not that serious about it, so there's no point in DIYing." Ok, this might be the only scenario where I can agree that DIY is not the best way to go. If you're someone who barely vapes; maybe you weren't a smoker and just vape for "fun", or maybe you're just trying to quit smoking and vaping as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason, if you're mod isn't always on you, and you're not vaping 30ml's every few days, then DIY isn't really for you. But I will say, if you're someone who might not take vaping very seriously, but you DO vape more than 30ml's every two days, DIY should be on your radar. It's just immensely cheaper, and you'll never worry about running out of juice. I need to shill my concentrates again because they make it easy to have amazing recipes, without all the work, but all the benefit of DIY. So take some time to think about how much you vape, and see if it's worth it to mix your own.

So I'm sure I will see more excuses as to why DIY isn't for everyone in the future. I will always do my best to present the facts and make people think for themselves on what to do, but I don't like the misinformation about mixing. It hinders people from finding the hobby which can seriously help a lot of people save tons of money. How many times have we seen ex-smokers get into vaping, only to quit a few weeks later because it's too expensive? Well DIY can help, and it's so much easier these days with thousands of recipes online, and products that can get people started with nothing but a tiny amount of time. So lastly, if you hear any of the excuses above, drop this article on them and let them decide on their own with the FACTS. And not some misinformation spread out by those who are too stubborn to get off the tit of commercial eliquid.



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