Seed Steeping – Results Pt. 2

This was one of the more difficult results to put into writing. There is indisputable evidence that there is a difference in flavor between "Seed Steeping" and traditional means, but quantifying and putting the results in writing has proven to… Continue Reading

Seed Steeping – Research Pt. 1

During Live Mixing I was introduced to a steeping method called "Seed Steeping." This was a technique I was unaware of before and immediately skeptical of. I've tried all of the other speed steeping methods before and have never really… Continue Reading

The Elusive Strawberry by Christopher Kopel

Over the course of my DIY journey, I’ve always found myself looking at strawberry recipes from a sort of jaded perspective. I couldn’t understand the hype. I had a few strawberry flavors when I first started, but I just couldn’t… Continue Reading

The Great Grapefruit

There is a certain flavor profile that doesn't get the respect it deserves. It doesn't get enough air time, and it is often forgotten in recipe development. And that's the Grapefruit. A grapefruit is a citrus fruit that has an… Continue Reading

Adding Brightness to Your DIY E-Liquids

Spring is here. This means warm weather, fun in the sun, and overall just outside activity is ramping up. I don't know about you, but for myself I like to cater my vapes to the season I'm in. For Summer,… Continue Reading

Presence, Dynamic Range & The Loudness Wars (Advanced DIY E-liquid Tips)

E-liquid is an interesting medium, and it’s something I bring up all the time. It’s a brand new artform that’s been completely invented by people who were using a specific technology. As soon as vaping was introduced into the world,… Continue Reading

Extracted: Ep. 12 – Keep Mixing

To listen press play What’s in this episode? In this episode I talk about the ONE SOLE REASON you will get better at mixing   Music Played Manson & Method Chuki:   If you like Extracted and want to support… Continue Reading

Forced Muting

Muting is a phenomena that many mixers vehemently avoid. It’s a curse in the mixing game and can be the cause of much frustration in your recipe development. If you’re unaware of what muting it, it’s simply when specific notes… Continue Reading

Recipe Pricing Guidelines

So there are a bunch of you who have taken your mixing to another level. A level of monetary gain and commerce. You've attained the skills required to craft wonderful recipes, but also marketed yourself in a way to catch… Continue Reading

Testing Major Variants (Advanced DIY Techniques)

Testing is something all mixers hate doing. Actually, for the most part, most don’t. Advanced mixers like yourself might be at the point where you can gauge your flavorings just by smell or a quick taste, and just right into… Continue Reading