Champagne DIY e-Liquid Tips – Let’s Make a Toast!

It’s almost time to crack open that bottle of bubbly and celebrate the New Year. So don’t start 2020 off on a bad foot, by vaping something that doesn’t pair with your NYE beverage. Learn to make CHAMPAGNE!

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Super Shaker – Can You “Overshake” E-liquid?

I’ve always wondered if “overshaking” was a thing. I never had any concrete proof…until now. Check out my overshaking experiment, and its results here.

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Conceiving Large Recipes

A viewer asked how large recipes were conceived. In a deeper way, I answer this for him with my own personal mixing style.

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A Little More Pop – DIY E-liquid Tips

“I need a little more ‘pop’ to my recipe. What can we do?” This is a question I get from clients and mixers all the time. Well, now I aim to answer it.

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Ethyl Maltol in E-liquid

Ethyl Maltol is one of vaping’s most widely used ingredients. But what exactly is? How do you use it? And are yo using it incorrectly? Check out the full breakdown here.

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Should You Leave Your Steep Alone? Or Can You Vape Through a Steep?

In this video and article, I try to find out if its best to mix your ejuice and avoid touching it for its entire steep, or if its ok to vape from your e-liquid while it steeps. The answer may surprise you! Check it out here. Continue Reading