(TFA) Greek Yogurt

Flavor Profile: Yogurts have been in vaping for many years now. While it’s relatively new compared to profiles like tobacco and mint, it’s become embedded into vaping liquid. My favorites being both of Capella’s offerings. But ever since I really… Continue Reading

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(CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream

Flavor Profile: Whipped Cream has been a staple in the DIY community since its dawn. It’s a versatile profile that can be used in a myriad of different ways, all of which enhance the vapor experience. The best part about… Continue Reading

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(TFA) Juicy Peach

Flavor Profile: TFA Juicy Peach is quite similar to TFA’s more potent brother, TFA Peach. While both the top notes seem to be similar, they differ a bit in the end of the vape. In my opinion TFA Juicy Peach is… Continue Reading

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Flavor Talk: CAP 27 Fish; TFA/FW Red Licorice; TFA Swedish Gummy

TFA/FW Red Licorice: These flavorings are very similar to eachother. They aim to emulate Twizzlers or Red Licorice Vines. they do a good job at doing so as well. I don’t really recommend soloing these, but if you do,  7… Continue Reading

(FW) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Flavor Profile: I’ve used and wrote about this flavoring countless times, but now, finally, I’ve decided to make a full analysis. Of course, we start with its flavor. FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a rich, decadent, dairy flavor, that… Continue Reading

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