Noted: Ep. 60 – Hunny Honey (DIY E-liquid Flavoring Review)

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time  TFA Honey  Super strong, rotten and not worth buying at any %      TFA Black Honey  A tobacco flavor, earthy, dark, like ry4 double with honey instead of caramel. Slight licorice note can be sensed … Continue Reading

JF Bavarian Cream

Flavor Profile: Bavarian Cream is one of the most used, most versatile flavorings, available to us mixers. The profile resembles that of a thinner, more bright custard, where vanilla, dairy, and egg are the main components. JF Bavarian Cream does… Continue Reading

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FA New York Cheesecake

When FlavourArt dropped their newest flavorings, I was actually quite excited seeing the types of profiles they were going after. New York Cheesecake was amongst them. Finally going back to “basic” profiles, or so I thought. Then I realized this… Continue Reading

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