Pecans ft. Mr. Burgundy [ Noted: Ep. 74 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time  CAP Pralines and Cream  Tastes like hazelnut coffee cream with maple syrup. Not very pecan like, but it is creamy    05  CAP Silverline Butter Pecan  Sticky caramelized sugar coating really well. Lighter on the flavor, comes… Continue Reading

FA White Peach

Flavor Profile: FA’s White Peach is the only other peach flavoring they offer, if you don’t count their Apricot flavoring (which is not a peach). Interestingly enough, many other flavoring companies contain multiple peaches, all with their own distinct tastes.… Continue Reading

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FW Sugar Cookie

Flavor Profile: In terms of sugar cookies, there really is only one flavoring that seems to reign supreme. And that’s CAP’s Sugar Cookie. It’s so vibrant, present, and flavorful, and does a great job on both accuracy, body, and texture.… Continue Reading

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