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  • Noted: Ep. 58 – Mango!

    Noted: Ep. 58 – Mango!

    Juicy Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time  FLV Mango  Not perfect, needs help often. Can be picked out in a mix easily. Doesn’t blend well. It’s a good darker, heavy syrupy nectar-like mango. Brighter notes, not super dry , has a… Continue Reading →Read More »

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  • The Random DIY E-liquid Recipe Wheel

    The Random DIY E-liquid Recipe Wheel

    Training Have you ever had mixer’s block? Or maybe you’ve been uninspired to mix? Maybe unmotivated? Well maybe try out a drill or a game to help get your mixing mind jogging a bit. That was the inspiration to this… Continue Reading →Read More »

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