One Shot: Tips on How To Make it in the Concentrate Game

One-shots have become extremely popular since DIYorDIE first started to roll them out two years ago. Since then, the DIY community has found a way to monetize their recipes without the need of “traditional” methods. All while, still giving the consumer and amazing value. What’s great about one-shots, or concentrates, is that they can appease both advanced and novice mixers. Those who just want a great value of amazing liquid, or those who are a bit too lazy to fully… Continue Reading

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Seed Steeping – Research Pt. 1

During Live Mixing I was introduced to a steeping method called “Seed Steeping.” This was a technique I was unaware of before and immediately skeptical of. I’ve tried all of the other speed steeping methods before and have never really noticed any big or substantial changes in my eliquid, nor have they effectively given me an experience comparable to what regular ol’ time steeping can give. It just seems as if nothing can emulate the effects of time on your… Continue Reading

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Volume Vapor: One Part of the Mouth-Feel TRIO

  Volume, fullness, “fluffiness”, thickness, all these terms have one thing in common and it has to do with how the vapor feels when being vaped. Have you ever vaped a really good, rich custard, where the vape felt heavy in your mouth? Almost as if you were eating a big spoonful of it. Have you ever had an ice cream vape where the vapor filled your mouth with its creamy richness? Or maybe you’ve had a cotton candy, or… Continue Reading

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Extracted: Ep. 10 – Realism vs Abstraction in MIXING

To listen press play What’s in this episode? Challenging what we know as flavor and traditionally “good” recipes is something I want to see more of, if it’s even possible.  Is it possible to create “good” vapes by using unorthodox… Continue Reading