Quick Tips: Other Custard Flavors; How To Manage Multiple Recipes; Company Ripped Me Off!

Q&A Today’s video I answer some emails from you. Someone asks about other Custards than CAP and TFA, we get a question about how to manage multiple recipes at once, and then we find out if this company ripped off… Continue Reading

(TFA) Juicy Peach

Flavor Profile: TFA Juicy Peach is quite similar to TFA’s more potent brother, TFA Peach. While both the top notes seem to be similar, they differ a bit in the end of the vape. In my opinion TFA Juicy Peach is… Continue Reading

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Flavor Talk: CAP 27 Fish; TFA/FW Red Licorice; TFA Swedish Gummy

TFA/FW Red Licorice: These flavorings are very similar to eachother. They aim to emulate Twizzlers or Red Licorice Vines. they do a good job at doing so as well. I don’t really recommend soloing these, but if you do,  7… Continue Reading

Starting Off in DIY Mixing; Molinberry Glamour Chocolate

Glitz and Glamour In the video above I explain how you should get started in DIY eliquid mixing. First thing to do is find a highly rated recipe that you’d think you’d enjoy from sites like this one, diyordievaping.com, or… Continue Reading

Flavor Talk: Graham Cracker Showdown (TFA/FW/CAP/FLV)

TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) TFA Graham Cracker Clear’s full analysis is in the FlavorBook for members who want a more in-depth look. This flavoring to me is such a great, versatile, flavoring, but not the best graham cracker. It contains… Continue Reading

QuickTips: Subbing Flavorings Effectively + Mother’s Milk DIY Recipe

Genres Substituting flavorings is something I always hear about anytime ANYONE posts a recipe. One of the things in DIY we talk about is how we’re always buying flavorings, but for some reason, we never have the right ones. So… Continue Reading