Muddy Buddies & Gordo’s Redemption | Midweek Critique

Mindfloodz – Butterfly Effect (Winner)

So when I first saw this recipe, I was very skeptical. Utilizing “One-Shot” type ingredients like Legendary Custard didn’t breed confidence, nor did the odd use of “Calipitter Chow” from Mom and Pops (an ingredient I never even heard of before. But nonetheless, after vaping I was very surprised at the level of flavor, nuance, and intricacy that was displayed. So “Butterfly Effect” aims to replicate a Muddy Buddy Caramel Ice Cream dessert. And all those notes are present. The Calipitter Chow emulates Muddy Buddies pretty well and the note sticks with the whole vape. This is then followed by a rich and lingering caramel ice cream. Absolutely delicious, fun and unique. My only hangup is this light off-note that comes from the Calipitter. It’s like this odd coffee type note. It does however seem to steep out, and isn’t very distracting to begin with. Overall, you have to try this recipe.

Final Score:

4.25 / 5

MGordo – Buttery French Toast & Blueberry Cheesecake with Graham Crust

So Gordo has been a good sport throughout Midweek. He’s submitted his recipe months ago, and has waited patiently to be reviewed. Finally, we get to his recipe and this time, I’m doing two of his. The first is his Buttery French Toast. This is a great profile with all the right notes laid in. You taste the maple syrup, you taste the toast or bakery, and you taste the rich breakfast notes that accompany it. But unfortunately, the lack of depth and volume in the french toast makes it much more similar to thin pancakes with syrup. It needs a lot more mouthfeel to really shine, since it’s hard to differentiate between those two breakfast profiles.

Final Score:

3 / 5

But thankfully, Gordo was able to redeem himself with this second submission Blueberry Cheesecake with Graham Crust. This mix is a wildly accurate Blueberry Cheesecake. First off, the mix of Wild and LA Blueberry really creates a deliciously vibrant blueberry flavor. It lays in beauitfully with the cheesecakes included. I do think the cheesecakes are lacking in the body, but its saved a bit by the nice graham crust that was built. Overall, I think a bit of tweaking can really make this top tier.

Final Score:

3.75 / 5



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