CDoug is Mad at CFTFK & “Bloomberg Vape” CEO is Clueless | Wake Up with Wayne

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Wake Up Season 2

Wake Up with Wayne returns! This episode, we take a look at Cliff Douglas’ letter to the Tobacco Control community, where he talks about bringing back some “integrity” and working together with the Tobacco Harm Reduction community

Then we read about how vaping may affect your mouth’s “microbiome” and how the VG or PG seems to be the culprit. This may be valuable information to those who have mouth issues.

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Lastly, we watch this interview that Brent Stafford of RegulatorWatch did with the CEO of Hale, the Bloomberg-funded “tobacco cessation” device that’s totally not juts a Juul with some zero-nic added to a tank. It’s an illuminating piece that showcases how out of touch the CEO is…




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