TFABerry Crunch5%
TFABavarian Cream2%
TFASweet Cream2%
TFAAcetyl Pyrazine0.75%

MIX AT 60VG // 40PG




CLAPTON CRUNCH: A fresh bowl of sugary and original Cap'n Crunch Cereal, with fresh milk

This is a recipe I had stumbled upon when I was trying to create "Cereal Milks". It is literally a fresh bowl of traditional Cap'n Crunch Cereal. You know, the cereal with the yellow chunks of sugar. It's super crunchy, sweet and sugary, and super creamy. This is one of my least proud recipes, but I know there are a bunch of people who like it so I had to share it. 

Flavor Notes:

TFA Berry Crunch: This is really what makes the entire mix. This is one of my least favorite flavorings, just because it doesn't taste very good nor mix well. It has no "berry" and if used incorrectly, gives off a horrid and off-putting  taste. When trying to create "Cereal Milks" I was looking for a way to find that traditional crunch berry flavor, and was recommended by someone to give this flavor a try. So at 5% you really only get those yellow Cap'n Crunch flavor, when mixed in with those other flavorings. I wouldn't use this flavor really for anything else.

FA Meringue / TFA Sweet Cream / Hazelnut: This is the milk flavor.  The Sweet Cream is really what gives the milk that cheesy and bitter flavor, not that it's cheesy nor bitter, but it acts as the base for the milk. It does a really good job of this at 2%. The Meringue is the sugar content in the milk. This also adds to the sweetness of everything else, but specifically it adds creaminess and sweetness. At 1% Meringue is a great creamy and sweet addition to milk, but at 2% and higher, it starts to add a sugar coating over everything. This is needed for a cereal flavor, as cereal is a very sugary treat. The Hazelnut adds in that touch that turns the milk into the milk you get at the bottom of the bowl of cereal. For some reason its the missing flavor profile. You absolutely need this flavor if you want to make cereals. And at 1% that's all you need to turn a creamy milk into a creamy cereal milk. 

TFA Bavarian Cream: This flavor is to add to the actual cereal. It gives the cereal flavor (Berry Crunch) the notes it needs to take on that cereal and milk form. Without it you kind of get this crunchy and harsh mess. All you need is 1% in this recipe to really take the edge off, add more flavor to the cereal, and round out the edges. 

FA Cookie: This flavor enhances the Berry Crunch and makes it taste much MUCH better. It just gives a nice cookie and sweet flavor that is lacking from the Berry Crunch. Without this flavor, you don't have Cap'n Crunch... you get the shitty Walmart brand. 

AP: This is, of course, used to give the cereal some more bite. It also turns the milk flavor into a more sweet flavor. Use sparingly. And can be omitted since some of the flavorings already contain this compound.