BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONCAPCreamy Yogurt5%CAPSweet Strawberry4%TFAStrawberry (Ripe)4%FAMeringue0.5%FACaramel0.5%TFA / CAPEthyl Maltol / Super Sweet 1.5% / 1%MIX AT 80VG // 20PGSTEEP TIME: MEDIUM (3 DAYS)PREFERRED TEMP: 400F  A Rich, Sweet, Creamy, & Authentic Strawberry YogurtYogurts are so hot right now, and I just cracked the code… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONFAApple Pie2%FAMeringue2%CAPSweet Cream1%CAPVanilla Custard (v1 or v2)0.5%INWBiscuit1%TFAStrawberry (Ripe)5%TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%MIX AT 70VG // 30PGSTEEP TIME: MEDIUM (3 DAYS)PREFERRED TEMP: 480F A Creamy and Velvety Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cheesecake with Strawberry SyrupThis is pretty much a soft and creamy… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONFAMeringue2%FAFresh Cream0.5%FACaramel2%FWYellow Cake1%FWHazelnut1%TFABanana Cream1%TFAStrawberry Ripe3%TFABrown Sugar Extra0.75%TFAGraham Cracker (Clear)1.25%ADD Ethyl Maltol at 1% for more “sugar” or Acetyl Pyrazine at 1% for more “cereal”MIX AT 70VG // 30PGSTEEP TIME: LONG (1 WEEK MINIMUM)  The Sugary and Sweet Milk from the Bottom… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORCONCENTRATIONTFABerry Crunch5%TFABavarian Cream2%TFAHazelnut1%TFASweet Cream2%FAMeringue2%FACookie1%TFAAcetyl Pyrazine0.75%MIX AT 60VG // 40PGSTEEP TIME: LONG (1 week)PREFERRED TEMP: 400F  CLAPTON CRUNCH: A fresh bowl of sugary and original Cap’n Crunch Cereal, with fresh milkThis is a recipe I had stumbled upon when I was trying to create… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONTFABanana Cream5.5%TFABrown Sugar1%TFACheesecake (Graham Crust)3%FAFresh Cream1%FAMeringue2%FAVienna Cream2%CAPSweet Strawberry5%TFAAcetyl Pyrazine (5%)0.5%(Optional) MTS Vape Wizard – 1 drop per 15ml(Optional) TFA Koolada – 1-2 Drops per 5ml or to desired effectMIX AT MAX VGOVERNIGHT STEEPPREFERRED TEMP: 425F BOARDWALK: An Ice Cold Strawberry… Continue Reading