LET’S MIX: Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cone (SVBICC Recipe)

TFAStrawberry Ripe7%
TFACheesecake (Graham Crust)3%
TFABavarian Cream1%
TFAVanilla Swirl3%
FAVienna Cream2%
TFAAcetyl Pyrazine or Ethyl Maltol0.5%
FAMTS Vape Wizard1 drop per 15ml
  • STEEP TIME:  Overnight

SVBICC: Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cone

A very creamy, sweet, smooth dessert vape. Soft strawberry notes right up front, with a nice creamy and milky back-end where notes of vanilla and sugar cone come through. Traditional and delicious, an excellent ADV for anytime of the year. One of my favorite mixes. 

Flavor Notes:

TFA Strawberry Ripe: Strawberry Ripe from TFA is one of my favorite and most used ingredients. It is a nice soft strawberry, that is wildly accurate. It's as if you were to take a strawberry and just squeeze it into a bottle. It is soft though and softens even more when steeped, so a percentage of 7% is needed to really stand up against the creams and the time. One of the best reasons for this flavoring is the fact that it tends to add a sugar note to everything, so sweetening up creams with SR is a delicious outcome.

TFA Cheesecake / Bavarian Cream: This stuff just adds more depth to all the creams. They also add a catalyst to hold the strawberry because without them the strawberry ripe tends to die off too quickly. TFA Cheesecake Graham is also used to thicken the mix, and add tons of body, which give the vape an interesting volume. That graham note comes into play with the cone flavor, and the Bavarian cream adds to bringing that graham out. The Bavarian cream is used low because we don't want to kill the mix, just add some complexity to the cone and cream, and the cheesecake is needed to thicken and add to the cone so we need to use that at a standard.

TFA Vanilla Swirl / FA Vienna Cream: This is the ice cream. This is the vanilla bean. We need to make sure everything has nice body and everything has a thick mouth feel to really emulate ice cream. So that's why these flavorings are used. They do that perfectly when used at those percentages together. They also give the entire mix this beautifully vibrant vanilla bean flavor, that adds to the depth and layers of the mix. 

FA Caramel: This adds sweetness and a touch of complexity to the cream. Anytime you have a ton of creams going on, FA caramel serves as a good way to sweeten them and bring out their subtle notes, such as vanilla. Don't need much, just a touch.

INW Biscuit: This is the cone. At 2% you get a nice buttery and light flaky sugar cone flavor. This is only when added in with these SPECIFIC flavorings do you get this, which is what makes using Biscuit so much fun. Depending on the context, Biscuit changes into different things. So here we have it next to extremely rich and sweet creams, Biscuit turns into a delicious addition. I highly recommend using this instead of FA Cookie for the reason stated.