FAMTS Vape Wizard1 drop per 15ml

MIX AT 70VG // 30PG



MARBLE 27: A Marlboro Light / Marlboro 27 Clone that is Woody, Sweet, and Ashy, as well as Authentic

This recipe was created out of my need to stifle my cravings I started getting halfway throughout my vaping career. I needed something to replicate the taste and feel of the thousands of Marlboro Lights I have smoked. So I crafted this, an easy to make recipe, that delivers on both good flavor and authenticity. At a high NIC content, loaded into a KayFun, you have yourself the most perfect representation of a Marlboro Light you will ever find.

Flavor Notes:

INW Am4A: This is one of the best tobaccos you can use in your eliquids. It is a delicious and accurate tobacco, with enough dirty neutral base in it to give you that authentic ashy feel. This is no where near RY4. It's not a sweet, caramel, and half candy. This is down and dirty, like straining a nasty cigarette right into a bottle. The reason why I like it is because I get cravings from time to time for a real cigarette. A blueberry muffin infused with banana cream high VG juice, just doesn't cut it sometimes when I really need one of them cowboy killers. So this is the flavor that I like to go to the most because of how close I can make it to tasting like one of my old pastimes the Marlboro Light or Marlboro 27. At 6%, even solo, you get a very powerful and accurate cigarette flavor, it's almost astonishing. 

FA Caramel / Almond: These are the accompanying notes that really make a Marlboro light turn into a Marlboro 27.  That tobacco is really heavy, so to break through you have to use these relatively high. These just add a little more nuttiness and sweetness into a tobacco that doesn't really have any of it. After the steep, these flavors really come through, and are a little more prominent than you'd expect, so I would base any tweaks on the juice after a good 2 long weeks. 

MTS Wizard: This is an optional, but very recommended, ingredient in the flavor especially. MTS Wizard was designed by Flavourart specifically for tobacco flavors and it's a very interesting ingredient. It's not a flavoring, it's an enhancer that gives the entire tobacco a nice thick well rounded mouth-feel. Think of it as turning the vapor into more of a smoke, just without the smoke flavor. This actual thickening of the vapor, really adds to the flavor of the Am4A, and ultimately adds to the authenticity of the entire experience. So I HIGHLY recommend adding MTS Wizard into your arsenal, because it's useful for your other flavors as well.