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Raisin DIY Flavor Notes:

VT Christmas Pudding:
Dense cake. Dark molasses sweetness. Mix of spices, but hard to distinguish individual spices. Some musty fruit, like raisins or maybe dates.

CC (Chefs Choice) Spotted Dick and Custard:
At the 20% overwhelmingly musty raisin plus some vanilla custard. Very raisin-y. At 5% and 12% mostly delicious, rich vanilla custard with a bit of a dark, dried fruit. Not specifically raisin.
ID10-T tested at 5% (steeped 1 week) and 20%. Isuamadog tested at 12%.

BF (Bickford) Raisin:
Not a lot of flavour at 2%. Just vague, sweet fruit. At 4% as a SNV got dirty grape candy. Still pretty soft, not super flavourful. Isuamadog thought was pretty thin. Like dark, purple grape.
ID10-T tested a 2% and 4%. Isuamadog tested at 3%

BF (Bickford) Raisin Rum:
Not raisin or rum. Dark-ish fruity sweetness with slight musty quality. A little warmth, but no actual rum. Overall not a lot there.
ID10-T and Isuamadog tested at 3%.

OOO Raisin Flakes Cereal V1:
At 3% cardboard topped with cooked plum. At 6% like grape candy wrapped in cardboard.
ID10-T tested at 3% and 6%. Isuamadog tested at 5%.

OOO Raisin Flakes Cereal V2:
Isuamadog thought fruit was clearer, brighter and sweeter than V1. Grape, not raisin. ID10-T thought it was a little too bright and plum-like. But the cereal is better than V1.
Isuamadog tested at 5%.

VT Rum and Raisin:
ID10-T thought it was pretty throaty, bordering on harsh. Mostly rum with a little raisin on the end. Has fruity sweetness of raisin, but not distinctly raisin. Not musty like a lot of raisins are.

TFA Raisin:
ID10-T got mostly a full bodied raisin. But with raspberry-ish, floral top note, a little spice and a rotten taste. Isuamadog got mostly stale raisin at 0.5%. Nasty at 1%.
ID10-T tested at 0.25%. Potent. Full flavoured that low. Might even be better diluted and used very low? Isuamadog tested at 0.5% and 1%.

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Rum Raisin:
Isuamadog got rubbing alcohol. ID10-T got generic, darker dried fruit, not specifically raisin. Not as musty as many other raisins. Sweet. Didn’t get rubbing alcohol.
Isuamadog tested at 4%, steeped about a week. ID10-T tested at 1.5%, steeped about a week.

FLV Oatmeal Raisin:
Emily got noticeable oat note. But raisin really strong and unpleasant. Isuamadog got nice oatmeal with brown sugar, no raisin. At 0.5% ID10-T got brown sugar, cinnamon. No oatmeal. Musty and strong. But not gross. More like a raisin than any of the others. At 0.75% just raisin. At 1% a little gross. At 1.5% Cheeba thought raisin prominent. At 3% oatmeal and cookie came out more. Got spice note. Raisin a bit musky.
Cheeba tested at 1.5% and 3%. Isuamadog tested at 1.3%. ID10-T tested at 0.5%, 0.75% and 1%. Emily tested at 1%.

FLV Raisin Rum:
Like raisin rum ice cream without the ice cream. Very smooth. Not very boozy. Little more musty than raisin rum ice cream. Emily got nice spice note.


raisin bran with Groceryboy_Jr by RUG_ly (ELR)

Puffster (A hip granola tobacco vape) by Kotsos (ATF and ELR)

Dark by SlashaLO (ATF)

Camel Driver by nks (ATF)

MBs Jam (using ENYAWREKLAW yeo rice layer) by MECH_MOD_RN (ATF)

Drunken Cinnamon Roll by besejuiced (ATF)


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