Obsidian Gold Label (BETA)

The Gold Standard

Merry Christmas everyone! This is a recipe I feel I’ve been working on all year, and I wanted to give you all my BETA version of this recipe. It’s a Remix of my original Obsidian recipe – which is a Cookie Dough RY4. While this is a recipe I can’t get enough of, I wanted to take this recipe and create something darker, deeper, & more matured. Obsidian Gold Label does this while also maintaining the same thread that runs through the original. It’s unfortunately still a work-in-progress, hence the BETA tag. I’m looking to refine the saturation (it tends to soften too much after sitting a while), and I still feel it needs a second accent. But instead of stringing you on, with what could be another year of development, I figure I give you my BETA version now to enjoy. It’s easily my favorite vape of 2020, and I’m hopeful I can complete it soon.

[vcc-recipe-hook recipe=33434]




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