Cherry ? ft. Foment Life [ Noted: Ep. 136 ]

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Flavor Notes

German Flavors Cherry Yoghurt:


TFA Maraschino Cherry:

Pretty terrible. Potent- 1 drop in 10ml is a lot. Plastic, harsh. Makes juice cloudy.



TFA Black Cherry:

 Actual cherry flavour isn’t bad but has plastic and medicinal off notes.



LA Cherry:

Medicinal cherry with a little bit of a plastic off note.

Tested at 1%.



OOO Happy Taffy Cherry:

Cough medicine diluted with creamy, chalky, pink tasting base. Slight plastic off note.



FLV Rainier Cherry:

Sweet, tart, natural cherry with a heavy plastic off note. The cherry is good but no getting round or covering that plastic.

Tested at 0.75%. 0.25-0.5% might work?



FA Cherry:

Heavy plastic off note at 1.5%. Maybe % too high? Pretty good at 0.5%.

Use around 0.5%.



VT Cherry Liqueur:

Strong plastic and a stronger throat hit than you’d expect from a cherry liqueur flavour. Cherry with fermented, bad tomatoes, almost savoury, not very sweet, not really boozy.



OOO Happy Rancher Cherry:

Plastic off note. Sweet, syrupy, cough drop cherry. At 2% it’s a really soft flavour. May be more saturated at around 4%?



FLV Cherry Filling:

Cherry gummy candy. Great texture. Slight medicinal note- but not too offensive, light spice note. Unfortunately, has strong plastic off note that can’t be worked around.



OOO Cherry Pie:

Very weak at 5%. Cherry gummy candy, sweet, with a bit of plastic, no bakery.



FLV Black Cherry:

‘FLV Shower Curtain’. Very strong plastic note. Hint of vanilla.



FW Wild Cherry and OOO Wild Cherry:

OOO Wild Cherry: very similar to FW Wild Cherry  soapy, but a little less soapy than FW.

FW Wild Cherry: very similar to OOO Wild Cherry. Soapy, has distracting vanilla note. Bit tarter than OOO. Cherry is dark, but not quite as dark as a black cherry, also a little tart and tangy.



OOO Cherry Blossom Tea:

Light, greenish, non-perfumey, jasmine like floral on top. Thick, marshmallow like body, without the vanilla. Cherry with heavy plastic finish. No tea or earthy notes.



FW Maraschino Cherry:

Nice cherry and sweetness. A little almond, authentic to maraschino cherries. But incredibly waxy.


FW Swiss Cherry:

Not quite so waxy as FW Maraschino Cherry – but still very waxy, has a little more tartness on top. A little fruity vanilla in the base, but isn’t distracting.



FE Cherry Cola:

Nothing strongly identifiable as cherry cola. Strong cinnamon mixed with plastic, cheap cherry candy.



FE Cherry Cigar:

Not like the taste of tobacco, more like the smell of somebody else smoking a cheap cigar. Ashy. With medicinal cherry.


SC Cherry Cigar:

Artificial chocolate, Tootsie Roll note? No medicine or plastic notes.


(Same concentrate?! Forment Life tested FE Cherry Cigar. ID10-T tested SC Cherry Cigar.)

FE discussed (40.25) SC discussed (49.18)


NR (Nic River) Cherry:

Straight medicine cherry.



NR (Nic River) Sour Red Cherry:

Similar to NR Cherry. But with more stuff going on, which didn’t improve it. Medicinal.



FW Shirley Temple:

More cherry than there should be for a Shirley Temple. Cherry is a little medicinal which clashes with the lemon/ lime.



CAP Wild Cherry with Stevia:

Really light medicinal and plastic notes. Pretty good cherry, more black cherry than wild cherry. Dark, purple grape note. Very sweet, sugar lips finish. Slight earthy, stevia note.



FA Black Cherry:

Very similar to FW Black Cherry. Some plastic, not as much as a lot of other flavours. Not dark or sweet enough for black cherry. Not very authentic.

FW Black

Cherry is a little brighter and sweeter than FA Black Cherry and had slightly less of a plastic off note. But otherwise very similar.



DEL Cherry:

No plastic, medicinal notes. Lacking in cherry flavour overall. Almost nutty, slight woody note. May work in a tobacco. A little harsh.

Tested at 5%.



German Flavors Cherry:

Light plastic. Wild cherry Lifesaver candy, deep, sweet, juicy, saturated. Slight ketchup note, similar to that in TFA Raspberry Sweet.



SC Old Cherry:

A light rainier cherry with some peach notes. Quite smooth.

Tested at 2%. Use lower in a mix, pretty flavourful at 2%.



German Flavors Sweet Cherry:

Odd. Bright red cherry candy, sweet. But with Red Hots cinnamon candy. Deep, saturated flavour. No plastic, medicinal notes.



LB Cherry Blossom Tea:

Slight plastic cherry on the end, light enough to be covered in a mix. Pleasant floral with a little white tea and a soft cherry.

Use around 4-5%



CAP Tart Cherry:

Pretty dull, harsh to some. Could use another cherry to combat dullness or Marzipan to boost cherry flavour without adding potential off notes. Not tart, but a bit brighter. Candied.

Green, vegetale note at 3%. Not present at 2%.



German Flavors Cherry Poppins:

Cherry sucker candy with touch of hairspray, similar to hairspray note in FW Hard Candy. Sweet, sticky, bright red cherry candy. No plastic, medicinal off notes.



TFA Cherry Blossom:

Syrupy, sweet, a little depth. Pleasant, light floral, easy to work with, not too aggressive. Floral can be subdued with creams. Very light plastic note?



FLV Cherry Blossom:

Very authentic to cherry blossom in cherry blossom tea. Although no tea. No cherry fruit flavour, a mellow floral. A little green, slightly sweet, a little dry, has depth.



MB Red Cherry:

Pretty good, a little flat. Waxy undertone. A touch of plastic, apparently steeps out after a month. Not a realistic cherry, more cherry syrup.

Tested at 3%



FW Cherry Crush:

Flat cherry soda. Astringent and harsh at 2-3%. At 1.5% has some off notes. At 1% no off notes but flavour a little light so may not work as single cherry in a mix.

Use around 1%



WF Black Cherry Jelly Bean:

Sweet, black cherry candy with some candy body. Not authentic jelly bean, but definitely a candy. Thick, chewy, syrupy, gummy texture. Hard to work with. 0.5% too weak. 1% plastic note. 0.75% isn’t weak, plastic light.

Use around 0.75%.



German Flavors Amarena Cherry:

Cherry Amaretto Sour cocktail. Heavy Ameretto. Tart, citrus on top. Not boozy and cherry is darker than maraschino, more black cherry. Finish is a little powdery. No plastic or medicinal notes.



Euro Flavors Amarena Cherry:

Between natural cherry that’s too artificial or candy cherry that’s not sweet enough. No plastic or medicine. Mellow, slight tartness, a little juicy. Use as background cherry or part of cherry layer.

Use around 3%



FW Cherry Blast:

Syrupy cherry cough drop, no plastic off note. Medium strength menthol. Hall’s cherry cough drop. Good as a SF at around 5%.

2.5% a little light. 5% saturated, cherry cough drop.



VT Cherry:

Weak for VT. A bit harsh, some plastic. Not offensive but forgettable. At 4% pretty soft. Used at 10% in a recipe. Bitter skin note on the finish.

Tested up to 5%. Can use at 10%.



FW Cherry Berry:

Pretty good cherry and berry. No off notes below 2%. Medicinal at 3%. A slightly watered down strawberry syrup blended with a cherry Life Saver.

Use around 2%. Medicinal at 3%.



OOO Black Cherry:

Flat black cherry soda. Very top heavy, thin, not much body with some raw VG coming through. No off notes. Useable for a black cherry top note. Base needs filling in.



INW Cherry Concentrate:

 No major off notes, fairly sweet, nice candy wild cherry. Darker, thicker, sweeter, more saturated than INW Cherries.

Use at 1% and below.

Recipe: Chasing the Dragon by Forment Life



INW Cherries:

Very thin, light, top heavy, no body, light and airy, sweet but dry. Nice red cherry top note. Harsh and dry at 3%. Medicinal at 4%.

Use around 2-2.5%.



TFA Cherry Extract:

Too dull, flat for a single cherry in a mix. No off notes, slightly harsh, astringent. Can be covered in mix. Good for filling gaps in other cherries. Not very sweet of bold or vibrant.

Can be used from 2-8%



INW Cherry Cigar:

Very, very sweet, cherry cigarillo. Cherry dominates tobacco. Middle of the road cherry, darker, but not black cherry. No plastic, medicine off notes. Tobacco drier, cheap, generic, cigar like with a grassy/ hay note.



INW Black Cherry Tobacco:

No tobacco at all. Really good, bold, sweet, dark cherry with no off notes. Artificial but not candy. A lot of body. Not very sweet, really dry so great for tobacco. Would work in fruit mix, need something to add juiciness.



HC Sour Cherry:

Sweet, red, candy cherry. Not sour, but tart on top. Some depth and saturation. Sticky, sweet, cherry lollipop on the finish that lingers. Top note thin, tartness almost floral. Dry on top, finishes syrupy.



INW Red for Pipe:

Bright, red, almost candy, cherry on top. Odd for tobacco. Then leafier, gold pipe tobacco. Darker, spicier, fruity, smokey tobacco in the base. No off notes. 1.5% not quite full flavoured. Could use higher.

Tested at 1.5%



INW Black Cherry for Pipe:

Perfect balance between weighty, moist, pipe tobacco and not particularly sweet, fairly dark, reasonably authentic cherry. Can vape as a SF.

Use around 1.5-2% as a SF.



Flavor Monks Sweet Betsy Cherry:

Good cherry. Between realistic, natural, red cherry and candy cherry. Contains a lot of sweetener. No off notes besides being a touch medicinal. Can be covered in mix.





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