Let’s Mix: Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake VALENTINES

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Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake


This is a light, milk chocolate cheesecake, with graham cookie crust, and topped with raspberry syrup. For all you valentines out there....this ones for you...... https://diyordie.link/raz-choc-cake


CAP New York Cheesecake     2%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Razzleberry     1%FA Berryl (raspberry)     3%HS Australian Chocolate     1%INW Yes, We Cheesecake     1.5%OOO Chocolate Milk     3%TPA Greek Yogurt     2%

Total Flavor: 14%

To All You Valentines

The video above is me making my Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake recipe for Valentines weekend. The mix brings a soft, light, milk chocolate cheesecake, with light cookie crust, drizzled with sweet raspberry syrup. Great for those who love rich, creamy, deep flavors.

Flavor Notes:

HS Australian Chocolate / OOO Chocolate Milk: I’m combing my two favorite chocolate flavorings together in this mix, to create a milk chocolate flavor that doesn’t intrude on the main profile, but also remains silky, and not chalky. This chocolate base works well in so many different situations, and this recipe is no different.

CAP NY Cheesecake / INW Yes, We Cheesecake: To create a vibrant, rich, and accurate cheesecake, I’m combining the powerful INW Cheesecake with CAP’s tried and true NY Cheesecake. The two together create a rich cheesecake flavor, that ensures the crust also remains present in the vape.

FA Raspberry / FW Razzleberry: FA Raspberry is usually one of the first raspberry flavorings I reach for. It’s raspberry flavor doesn’t bring too much water, or juiciness, which does wonders in bakeries and desserts. To lift that further, and also help sweeten it, FW Razzleberry does the job.

TFA Greek Yogurt: This is used to add some extra cheesy “tang” to the flavor, which helps bring out more accuracy from the profile. In the video I talk about the idea of “selling” the profile. And I do that here in this mix, using TFA Greek Yogurt, to “sell” the cheesecake. It works excellent, and also adds some extra creaminess.

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