Let’s Mix: CAKE ?( DIY E-liquid Recipe Tutorial )

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Caked Up

Cakes are some of the hardest profiles you can tackle in DIY E-liquid Mixing. One reason being how similar cakes are to other bakeries like Cookies, Pies, and other bakeries, while still being “distinct”. The other being the amount of layering and balancing that’s needed to effectively make all aspects of the cake to shine. And there are a myriad of other reasons that make cakes really difficult to mix up. So in this video, I show you some flavorings that I use to help me make some great cake foundations, as well as mix up a simple cake base recipe to guide you in the right direction.


FWCake Batter Dip5%
FWYellow Cake1%
LBVanilla Ice Cream1.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5

Flavorings Mentioned:

CAP Sugar Cookie:

Yes, I understand it’s a cookie flavor, but like I mentioned previously, the differences between cakes and cookies are very slim, so we can use that to our advantage. I like to use sugar cookie to help build a grainy, sweet, and floury cake layer, by using other flavorings to bend it in the right direction. It’s a very distinguishable flavor, so balance and bending is key. But it’s forgiving and is delicious, so make sure you reach for this if you’re looking to get started on your cake bases.

FW Yellow Cake:

If you’ve looked at making cakes before, you’ll know this is one of the first flavorings you look at. This is easily one of FW best flavorings, that unfortunately comes with a lot of downsides. It’s great in small amounts, like 1 – 2%, and will really fill out your cake layer. What I like most about it is that it seems to pack that moist yellow cake note that really drives authenticity home. But I think it needs to be blended with other ingredients, and doesn’t quite pack a full or textured cake vape on its own. By vape at your own discretion, it’s known to contain Corn Syrup.

INW Biscuit:

This is the great cake accent-er. I love using it to bring the yellow cake flavor up towards the front of the palate. Because of how subtle cakes are, it’s difficult to get them to stand out, especially when you’re pounding it with a ton of other heavier flavorings. So what I like to do is pair it up with a touch of INW Biscuit (and I’m talking 0.5 – 1%), and you’re see how much more forward your cakes are. Pair this with your Yellow Cake, or you Sugar Cookie, or any other cake base you find is a bit flat.

JF Yellow Cake / Biscuit:

Now if you want to get that Yellow Cake flavor, but either can’t or don’t want to vape FW Yellow Cake, than go for JF’s option. It’s very similar in flavor, and maybe even a bit more present, but without the negatives of FW’s. And their Biscuit is also VERY similar to INW’s biscuit, so if you need to sub, it’s easily doable. They’re both not EXACT, but they are damn similar.

FA Cookie:

I love using FA Cookie in my cakes to add two things. Texture, and a bit more of that “baked” cake flavor. If you find your cakes are a bit too thin or a bit too floury, adding 0.5% of FA Cookie will instantly “bake” it a bit more, giving a more robust, full, or bolder cake flavor. It’s not going to pound your face with cake, but it colors it just enough to make the cake more authentic and real. Not too mention the texture!

FLV Cookie:

This works the same way that FA’s Cookie does, but does so with a slightly different flavor profile. I’d say FLV Cookie adds a bit more sweetness compared to FA’s, as well as presence. So be careful with this, because it can easily take over your profile.

FW Cake Batter Dip:

If you’re looking to add a more “unbaked” flavor, or more sweet flour flavor to your cakes, this is one of the best options to go for. This tastes very much like a box of Funfetti batter, that has been slightly baked. I enjoy using this as the main foundation for my cakes, especially if I’m pairing it with other, sweeter flavors.

FLV Cupcake Batter:

And on the opposite end, FLV’s Cupcake Batter does the same thing, except with more richness and buttery-ness, compared to FW’s Cake Batter. I love pairing this up with heavier creams and custards to create those rich Tres Leches style cakes.

WF Angel Cake / Glazed Donut:

WF Angel Cake is excellent if you need a very light, yet slightly bright, cake note in your mix. It’s extremely difficult to balance correctly, but when done so, provides an excellent flavor. Their Glazed Donut is excellent if you’re looking to “ice” a cake. Because it contains both a “glazed icing” flavor, as well as a cake-like body, it’s a great bridge.

TFA Banana Nut Bread / Cheesecake Graham Crust:

Finally, if you’re looking for a cake with banana in it, just use TFA’s Banana Nut Bread. It’s almost perfect for that situation, and I have nothing else really to say about that. And with Cheesecake Graham, it’s perfect for any cake where you need some extra texture and grit, while also bridging over some  vanilla icings.




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