Noted: Ep. 86 – Oatmeal & Granola ft. Kris WK

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes Time 
FLV Granola Homemade hippy grade granola. Very wheaty, oats, and nuts. No sweetness, very dark. At the end there is a raisin like fruit note or an almond cherry note .5 or below 6 
OOO Honey Baked Oats Full in your face flavor, a little sharp, a lot of honey and really good cereal. Not to much oats 3 15 
TFA Oatmeal Cookie Dry and non descript. Could help with layering but there is no oats flavor to it. Slight cardboard note, almost gritty dry note, some light vanilla and a hint of cinnamon.  16 
RF Oatmeal Cookie Really good, lacking in depth and texture and the flavor drops off quickly into vg sweetness. However, that top note is a fresh baked oatmeal cookie, it has molasses, spice, slightly dry 2 20 
WF Oats n Cream A lot more cream, more like an oatmeal cream pie than anything else. A little bit of oatmeal cookie and a ton of cream without any off notes to it at all.  24 
HC Oatmeal Cookie FOUL  30 
FE Oatmeal in Milk Not good. Too alcoholy  34 
OOO Oatmeal A good reminder of why nobody eats plain oatmeal. Tastes like slightly undercooked oatmeal with no additives. 1-3 36 
FLV Oatmeal Raisin Extremely potent. Mostly raisin. Slight bakery hiding in the background. The raisin is very strong and very musty <.5 41 
TP Oats n Honey Cereal Heavy handed on the honey. More like Honey Nut Cheerios than any other flavor 3 44 
NicVape Oat Circles The honey flavor is a touch smokey. And a weird cereal background note that seems out of place.  48 

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