Best (& Worst) DIY Flavoring Companies

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There Can Only be ONE!

So a few days ago, I asked you, the DIYorDIE collective, to vote upon two polls. One being who you thought the WORST flavoring company was, and the other, who was the BEST. This was a pretty spicy poll, as many people had very distinct reasons for why they chose what they chose. Which is obviously expected, as in DIY, we are a passionate bunch who value…well..value. In the video above, I talk about my three top choices of who I think the best flavorings companies are based on a variety of standards. The first being the product (obviously). How good, how versatile, how easy to use, all their flavorings are. But other factors such as advocacy and DIY community outreach weighed in as well. This gave me a solid list of companies who I would have no problem recommending to any new mixer.

Here is the BEST poll

Here is the WORST poll

If you have any comments or concerns about my list, feel free to post them below. If you think I left out a company, or you think another company deserved the spot, let me know in the comments! Also, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to like it, and subscribe if you haven’t and want to see more videos like this. 




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