Killer Kustard (DIY E-liquid Clone)

Killer Kustard Clone V1

CAPVanilla Custard v25%
CAPFrench Vanilla4%
TFAEthyl Maltol1%


Flavor Notes (5/6/18)

CAP Vanilla Custard v2: This is the main flavoring in this recipe. I'm almost 100% certain of this. It's not using V1, which is a bit more heavy on the egg and richness. I taste more of an oily flavor, heavy on the vanilla, and not as rich. Almost astringent. While I'm not certain 5% is the correct concentration, it creates a vanilla very similar to the one in Killer Kustard. I will come back in two weeks to see how close we are.

CAP French Vanilla: This is another flavoring that I'm almost positive that's in this recipe. That said, after vaping this I'm thinking maybe CAP French Vanilla V2 is the right way to go. Which would make sense, since Killer Kustard is sold in the UK, and there are limits to DAAP. This actually adds the body to the recipe. Without it, the mix feels just a bit too thin. 4% is where I'm at, but I'm thinking the ratio might be a bit lower. I'm picking up a bit of an off-notes, so it might be that reason.

Ethyl Maltol (Cotton Candy): This is a must. It adds the sweetness, but also smoothness, to the mix. Shout out to Kreeds Kustard for this tip. No need for any CAP Super Sweet, or sucralose, which might affect the flavor. This is perfect for custards. 1% is all you need.




  1. I thought I seen cotton candy as EM on another recipe using 1%, now I just made it, and seen this one lol! Should I dump it? Thanks! !!

    • I found that adding 1.5% (INW) Nougat brought it extremely closer to the original also helping the color.

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