Bottle Maintenance for DIY E-liquid Mixing

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Bottle Maintenance

Bottles are something we need to deal with in DIY. They are obviously necessary to our mixing, and unfortunately, it’s a cost that must be paid. But what are the best ways to mitigate that cost, and make sure we’re getting the most out of our money…and bottles. Well in the video above I explain what bottles are best to buy, some cleaning methods, and if reusing them is a good idea.

Plastic vs Glass

There are a few types of plastic bottles. The two most popular plastic bottles types for storing eliquids are PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). LDPE bottles contain molecular pores. This means that the bottles “breathe” a bit, and expel or let in air. This is also the softest and “most comfortable” bottle type available, and are generally opaque which won’t let in as much light. PET is more of a harder, clear, plastic bottle that is meant to not “breathe” as much as LDPE. It’s better for a longer term storage, but if stored away in a cool dark place. The problem with both bottles, is that aromas do “stain” them. Meaning it’s much harder to reuse plastic, especially when its in contact with more volatile and caustic flavorings. Honeydew, Papaya, Banana, these are flavorings that are almost impossible to remove their aromas from plastics. The reason to choose plastic is because of, one, the price. They are much cheaper than glass. And convenience. They’re extremely easy to use. No need for a glass dripper.

On the other hand, you have glass. There’s only one kind, which makes things simple. But there are different glass bottle types with different droppers. For e-liquid I recommend purchasing Amber Glass Bottles, with rubber bulb droppers. The Rubber Droppers will hang onto flavor, but you can stock up on those, and reuse the bottles, which saves a bit of money. The negatives with using glass, is that they are a bit of an annoyance. If you drop them, they will break. And they are inconvenient, due to having to use droppers to drip or fill a tank. The plus side, is that they are the best for storing e-liquid. If you professional store e-liquid in an Amber glass bottle, you can essentially keep that for years and years on end. So long as you replace the air with a special preservative gas prior to completely sealing. Another pro, is that they are reusable. A quick rinse, or a deep sterilization can remove any and all aromas. Just not the rubber drippers

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  1. Good article, only question comes to mind is how can i seal my glass bottles?
    Which gass do i need and how can i apply that?
    Mayeb one knows a way?

    • What do you mean by seal them? You can buy a bottle cap, with or without dropper, and they all usually come with a rubber gasket and the same kind of “seal” than the soda plastic bottles.

  2. I use Star San made by 5 Star Chemicals. I’m also a home brewer ( beer) and Star San is the best acid based sanitizer out there.
    It should remove any remaining odors etc in glass bottles.
    I would definitely suggest using it for plastic bottles if you intend to reuse them.
    Any home brew supply store will have it. 1 oz makes 5 gallons of sanitizer. Liquid Barn probably carries it as well in the home brewing section.

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