Let’s Mix: Marshmallow Man Remix (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

The Recipe BRAND FLAVORINGS % FLV Marshmallow 1% TFA Toasted Marshmallow 0.5% FA Meringue 0.5% OOO Powdered Sugar 3% TFA Dairy / Milk 1.5% FLV Sweetness 0.5% MIX AT 60Vg 40PG STEEP Short 3 Days The Notes FLV Marshmallow –… Continue Reading

Moo Meadows by MrBurgundy – Moo Fields REMIX #REMIXMONTH

Moo Meadows #remixmonth by MrBurgundy View Mix "…a smooth combination of ripe strawberries and fresh, thick cream." -BDV The point of the recipe was to remix "Moo Fields" by Blue Dot Vapors, a staple strawberry milk juice. I know there's… Continue Reading

Castle Long Reserve Remix by CKEMIST #REMIXMONTH

BRAND FLAVORING % FA Vanilla Bourbon 2% TFA Brown Sugar 0.75% TFA Coconut Candy 3% TFA Kentucky Bourbon 2% TFA Toasted Almond 3% CAP French Vanilla 3% TFA Sweetener 1% MIX AT 50VG 50PG STEEP Long 2 Weeks   CLICK… Continue Reading