Dulce Cheesecake, Banana Milkshake & Cherry Sprite | Midweek Critique

Probie420 – Dulce De Cheesecake

This is Probie’s first time on the chopping block. Their submission is the Dulce De Cheesecake, which I’m assuming is a sweet, caramel-like, dairy cheesecake with graham crust. And this recipe does a pretty good job at replicating this. My big point of contention is that the recipe is quite “boring”. Because it’s using the TFA/CAP Cheesecake base with TFA Graham Crust, it provides a very similar flavor we’ve all had before. It also brings a bit of a coconut off-note thanks to the high amount of TFA Cheesecake. The Dulce De Leche does however add a nice sweetness with a touch of nuttiness. That said, it’s in much need of some more depth.

Final Score:

2.5 / 5

NPA6600 – Home Made Banana Milkshake

NPA is back on the show with their new Home Made Banana Milkshake. Looking at the recipe, it’s easy to understand and very simple to put together. I’m happy with the use of FA Milk and MB Banana, two ingredients I feel are excellent. But the execution is one that’s very similar to the recipe above. It does a good job of replicating the profile they seek out, but it does it in a very boring way. I would’ve loved to see a bit more depth to this mix, whether that’s building out a bit more of a present milkshake, or focusing a bit more on the banana. Overall, it’s tasty, but forgettable.

Final Score:

3 / 5

Morencyam – Cherry Sprite (WINNER!)

This is an excellent submission from Morencyam. The profile, like the others, is quite simple. A Cherry Sprite. One thing I was really looking for was the accuracy towards “Sprite”. It’s very easy to claim your recipe tastes like Sprite, but in reality just takes like lemon lime soda. Well I’m happy to say that this recipe definitely brings a Sprite vibe. The flavor is sparkly Sprite, with a finish of light sweet Cherry. The Cherry is not medicinal, and sweet and candied, and the polar blast brings a nice tingle to the mix. Overall, it’s delicious, fun, vibrant, and accurate.

Final Score:

4 / 5


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