Green Apple ? ft. UnappreciatedRobot [ Noted: ep. 145 ]

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Green Apple Flavor Notes:

Green Apple Part 1:

TFA Apple (Tart Granny Smith):

A tiny bit of green apple buried in off notes. Nail polish remover, bubblegum, under ripe banana, lemon, a fair amount of butter. Hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.



TFA Apple (Tart Green):

Not tart, a little bright. Bit of a peel note. Moderately sweet. Too heavy. Pretty good top note. Can add some authenticity to another green apple. Not a good single or main apple in a mix.

Tested at 2%, 4% and 5%. At 2% bit thin, not a lot of flavour. 4% does the apple peel very well.



TFA Green Apple:

More mellow, baked green apple. Softer. Reminiscent of PUR Country Apple, but with green apple, not as baked. But has some cooked note. Has some body, some apple flesh. No off notes.

Tested at 4% and 5%. Seems like would be pretty forgiving with %s.



FW Green Apple (Natural):

Tastes like a Jolly Rancher covered in dirt.



CAP Green Apple:

Prominent, up front lemon note. Lemon cleaning product to some people. Not a good lemon either way. Juicy. Has some body.

Tested at 3%



OOO Happy Chewy Apple Candy:

Very harsh. Strong baby powder of note with a fairly soft green apple. Powdery texture.

Tested at 2% and 3%.



LB Green Apple:

Very potent for LB. Bright and tart. But has some bitter peel notes, more peel than apple. Waxy, plastic and spicy off notes which don’t steep out. Apple is kind of soft. Creamy body.

Tested at 3%, 4%, 5% as 6%.



Magical Flavors Green Apple:

At 2% moderate acetone off note. Pretty harsh to some. Sweet, syrupy, green apple Jolly Rancher. At 4% grassy and dirt off notes. Might steep out or could probably be covered?

Tested at 2% and 4%. May be better lower? Less off notes and harshness?



FW Green Apple:

Contains Fructose. At 4% and 5% Cheeba and UnappreciatedRobot got strong acetone note. At 5% Emily got a green Jolly Rancher, very top heavy, bright, very sweet, with a little acetone. At 3% ID10-T got a little acetone, was like a green Jolly Rancher with green apple peel, thick and very sweet.

Tested at 3%, 4% and 5%.



FLV Granny Smith:

At 2% slightly grassy, slight acetone at the beginning and end. Can be covered. A really sweet, crisp, mostly natural green apple. It’s just a little bit candied. Fairly harsh. A bit dry, not very juicy.

Tested at 1%, 1.5% and 2%.




Pheasant Ridge by Fear – Uses FLV Granny Smith at 1.5% and doesn’t have any grassy-ness or acetone off notes.


Yoda Milk by Fresh03




Green Apple Part 2:

FLV Green Apple:

Part natural, part candy. Therefore, probably not best used as only or main apple, needs help to be bent either way. Some tartness. Lacks body.



VT Green Apple:

Very sweet, candy. Hints of lemongrass or lemon and grass. Pretty soft and mellow. Not much on top end but very full. A lot of bland and syrupy sweet body. Nice sticky, sweet finish. A little dry.



VT Granny Smith:

Not a whole lot of difference to VT Green Apple. Slight differences, the Green Apple is sweeter and Granny Smith was more on the bitter and tart side.



INW Anton:

Fairly clean. Those sensitive may get acetone note? Very bright, top heavy, fairly tart. Crisp, tart peel. Nice lingering sweet finish. Lacks punchiness, a little mellow. A little dry.

Tested at 2% and 3%.



Flavor Monks Green Apple:

Lightly sweet and tart green apple, very bright. A little peel. Refreshing and crisp, without any candy notes, no chemical off notes, no of notes at all. Can SNV.

Tested at 4%.



CAP Green Apple Hard Candy:

Really good, but really weak. Lacks some of the tartness of a Jolly Rancher. More like a green apple sucker. Sweet and sticky but could use a bit more sweetener.

Weak, use above 8%. 12% is a more filled out single flavour.



WF Jolly Candy:

Contains sucralose. No off notes. Nice balance of tartness and sweetness. Authentic glossy, sticky hard candy body. Mouth coating stickiness.

Not one of their SC flavours, but potent. At 2% it’s full flavoured. Starts to get a touch chemical around 3%. 5% is very chemical.



FLV Sour Apple:

Legitimately sour. Mostly sour with a little apple. Can use for sourness without too much apple. Apple is candied but pretty soft. Thin, might have thinning effect on other flavours. A little harsh.

Tested between 0.5% to 2%. Use 1% or less to add sourness. 2% is fuller sour apple.




Lic Her…Ish by DigitalDrops – uses 1% FLV Sour Apple. Adds sourness without making it taste like apple.


Camp Tigerclaw by ConcreteRiver



MB Green Apple:

Mediocre. A little bit of a dirtiness or earthiness. Fairly mellow. Very slight acetone off note. Pretty prominent peel note.




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