Custard Apples ?ft. FomentLife [ Noted: ep. 128 ]

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Flavor Notes:

Flavor Name Notes Time 
Euro Flavors Cherimoya Tastes like a weak virgin Banana Pina Colada, no alcohol note, a sweet pineapple, but the sharper acidic part is missing and the coconut is lacking 5-10 
VT Pawpaw Not sweet, a floral flavor, an orange melon type of flavor, some hints of pineapple and coconut in there as well 3-4 
DM Pawpaw Way more potent than VT. Same under ripe floral cantaloupe note, sweeter, funkier and riper.  0.25 15 
INW Cherimoya Tastes like a porno involving a banana banging an over-ripe apple with a pineapple filming it. Banana and applesauce, with a splash of pineapple blended in it. 1-2 18 
WF Soursop Tropical toilet wine, lot of pineapple to it, tastes a bit fermented, a touch of green apple jolly ranchers,  25 
WF Cherimoya Pineapple with hops or mango peel 29 
FLV Cherimoya The coconut is a bit more forward than the other offerings, the pineapple is there, and there is some red apple and pear, with mango and papaya 33 
FLV Soursop The pineapple is there, but the majority of it is a green apple (like a granny smith and pineapple mixed together) a lot sharper. Very tart and acidic 36 
FLV Guanabana So versatile, like a tart ripe banana. Tart pineapple blended with a strawberry or a kiwi 41 

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