Chocolate Milks – DEAD SIMPLE

Chocolate Milks - DEAD SIMPLE


This is a dead simple Chocolate Milk recipe, that utilizes "that" chocolate I've been looking for, for a long time. Milk Chocolate, and Milk. Delicious.


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Yogurt     2%OOO Chocolate Milk     8%TPA Marshmallow     0.5%

Total Flavor: 11%

Flavor Notes:

OOO Chocolate Milk: This is the entire recipe. I’ve been on the hunt for this specific chocolate since I’ve first tried chocolate milk commercial e-liquids. I’ve found a few that came dead close to them, like the old INW Milk Chocolate and HS Australian Chocolate – the latter still being absolutely delicious. But when I first tried OOO Chocolate Milk, I knew immediately this was the one. It packs a very creamy, vanilla-touched, sweet milk chocolate flavor. The kind that’s perfect for chocolate milk recipes. It’s a lighter flavor, so I’m using it here at 8% to give the recipe as much chocolate as I possible can. Remember, this isn’t a chocolate you’re used to. So don’t let the recipe, the profile, or the ingredient scare you. It’s absolutely delicious if you like chocolate.

TFA Marshmallow: I needed something to add a bit more soft volume to the middle of the mix. The obvious choice is TFA Marshmallow, which I used here at only 0.5%. I’m thinking about swapping this out for a more decadent ingredient, like TFA Vanilla Swirl. But for now, it does the job.

FW Yogurt: No dairy is complete without the DAAP king, FW Yogurt. This adds weight and luxury, without adding any oil or buttery notes. I stayed away from using any custards or VBIC’s, because I wanted to make sure the recipe was thick, but the focus was chocolate. That’s the power of FW Yogurt. It’s so good at this specific job.

CAP Super Sweet: You might know now, when I add sweetener to the flavor notes, it means it’s a necessity. Milk chocolate is quite sweet, so adding 0.5% of Super Sweet will help get the profile more accurate. But what it does more than anything is allow the milk chocolate to stick to the tongue. This creates that “fatty” chocolate feeling. Without it, the profile is too light and wispy. If you don’t want to use Super Sweet, feel free to use Stevia. But I do not recommend making ANY chocolate recipes without sweetener what so ever.

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