Jenna RDA Review

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Best in Class

  • Specs
    • 22mm Bottom Feed / Dripping RDA
    • Stainless Steel Ultem Construction
    • Postless Deck
    • 810 Drip Tip
  • Look
    • I love the simplicity of this RDA. It’s one of the reasons I praise the Psyclone products. The Jenna packs a sleek modern look, with clean cut lines, and a sharp silhouette. There were no imperfections on anything on the outside, giving it a very refined look
  • Feel
    • On the lips, unfortunately, it doesn’t feel the best mainly because of the stock driptip. The outer curved style drip tip presses the top and bottom of your lips onto the RDA itself. I can see how some might like the “hook” of the drip tip. Not me. I much rather prefer the “straw” type method.
  • Gimmick
    • The biggest gimmick with the Jenna is the different type of “restrictor” inserts. There’s a normal one and one to eliminate spitback. I’ve done some ample testing on both, and its no surprise I’m a bigger fan of the normal one. The spitback protector works, but does sacrifice on flavor a bit and restricts airflow in a way I’m not a fan of really.
  • Flavor
    • Now onto what everyone wants to know. The flavor. To be completely honest. This does an AWESOME job on flavor. It really surprised me actually. From my testing, the Jenna provides a warm, saturated, vibrant, and best of all, balanced vape experience. I liken it to the Entheon, where its a fully balanced vape with a bit more attention to the low/body end. But in terms of flavor output, accuracy, and vibe, yeah…the Jenna is better. Creams, Tobaccos, Bakeries, and Desserts, flavors with more girth and body, seem to do best in this RDA. But that’s not to say its a slouch with fruits and creams. On the contrary, its excellent. It just doesn’t quite reach the level of “sparkle” that comes from the Citadel. So in that respect, I place the Jenna right under the Citadel in terms of analytical, no nonsense flavor. With that said, it’s the perfect “casual” RDA, better than the Entheon. Think of it like the big 75″ OLED Samsung TV. Perfect for relaxing and enjoy your content. Where the Citadel is the more analytical reference monitor. Perfect for creating and getting work done.

Overall Score

9 / 10

It’s the best consumption RDA on the market today. Nothing else beats it in that realm, and only the Citadel (so far) beats it in the analytical, reference class. If you want an RDA that will output best in class flavor, but also offers a relaxing and very smooth vape experience, with great looks, the Jenna RDA is easily the one I’d recommend. Even at its price.

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