Mixed Nuts & Nut Mixes ft. KrisWK [ Noted: Ep. 97 ]

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Flavor Notes

Flavor NamesNotes Time 
Get Suckered Macadamia  Really bad, do not buy  07 
FW Macadamia Contains corn syrup. Kind of boring, black as night. Doesn’t taste like a macadamia nut, more like a walnut with a creamy base and a really strong off note of burnt caramel  10 
TFA Bitter Nut Extra Extremely potent, tastes like smoked caramel & maple syrup and peanut butter and sandalwood all baked together in a bread <.25 12 
VT Macadamia Nut Chocolatey , very sweet and creamy, mild buttery nut flavor. Starts off nutty, then overpowering chocolate note  17 
FLV Kinako Soy Dark roasted peanut, very dark sweetness, not burnt. Full flavored. Feels more like a cereal flavor, its feels grainy in body. <1 23 
WF Macadamia Mild, buttery nut. 30 
WF Walnut Mellow, got that earthy sharpness, mild peanut flavor, slightly dry. Very subdued sweetness. Wet nut  36 
FA Nut Mix Super generic nut <1 37 
FE Sun Seeds Pretty much just like sunflower seeds, very dark and potent, almost salty a little overly sweet <1 45 
FLV Beer Nuts Legitimate salty flavor, crisp n crunchy like a peanut, almond flavor, little creamy <1                                                         52 

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