Win $5,000 From YOUR Recipes #MakeTheSwitch

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Today I’m introducing the #MakeTheSwitch DIY E-liquid Competition! This is an awesome competition sponsored and supported by FlavourArt North America and Innokin, meant to create Tobacco One-Shots designed for mixers to mix up to help convert smokers into vapers. FlavourArt came to me recently and asked to be apart of this, and I couldn’t say no. An awesome product for an awesome cause, with some awesome prizes for an awesome community. What’s there not to love?

How Does It Works?

This competition will be done in two phases. In the first round, I am the judge, jury, and executioner. Over the course of 5 weeks, I will mix, test, and evaluate your tobacco recipes. During those 5 weeks, I will choose and highlight three recipes, and move those mixers on to the next round. 

I will be (as well as all the other judges) testing these e-liquids on Innokin Z-Platform products, all using the Zenith Coil. I’ll be judging based on Accuracy, Flavor, and Vapor Experience. Remember this! I’ll not be judging on Hadaly’s or Entheons, etc. I’ll be testing them in beginner pod-style devices from Innokin. Products new vapers will be using!

In the second, and final round, I will then go from judge, to participant, along with my three chosen winners, and a few other pre-selected mixers chosen by FlavourArt prior. From there, we all create two recipes, a traditional tobacco and a flavored tobacco. And over another course of weeks, judges VP of FlavourArt Richard Hong, reviewer P.Busardo, and industry advocate VapinGreek, will determine the two winning recipes. 

What Do I Win?

In the first round, the three chosen winners will take home $500 cash each, as well as a gift box from Innokin, and the entire FlavourArt line. 

Second round winners will win $5,000 for each, the traditional and flavored tobacco recipes. This means you could essentially win $10,000! Along with that you will also get another gift box from Innokin. Your recipes will become One-Shots. And you will also be introduced to FlavourArt’s entire distribution, meaning further deals could come from this great opportunity. 

What Are the Rules?

  • For round 1, you must create EITHER a
    • Traditional Tobacco – As close to a cigarette you can possibly get
    • Flavored Tobacco – A tobacco with vibrant notes, does not need to emulate cigarette.
  • For round 2 you must create BOTH a
    • Traditional Tobacco – As close to a cigarette you can possibly get
    • Flavored Tobacco – A tobacco with vibrant notes, does not need to emulate cigarette.
  • You can ONLY use FlavourArt flavorings
  • You MAY use additives such as 
    • Ethyl Maltol
    • Acetyl Pyrazine
    • Sucralose
    • Vanillin
    • Triacetin
    • (Anything else, contact FlavourArt to make sure it’s allowed)
  • You may use as many or as little flavorings as necessary
  • Only North American participants, unfortunately.

How Do I Enter?

Submit your recipe from (ELR)
To submit your Form you will need to fill out

  • Name
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Social Channel handles (if applicable)
  • Proof of Age
  • Your location
  • and the most important part – the short url from ELR.

Submission Entries along with Contest Rules and Regulations will be available soon so stay tuned!

How Do I Stay Updated

The best way to stay updated on this competition is to follow me on my social media. You can follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I will also be dedicating separate videos on my YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe there.

So get out there, and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Lots of questions, but I’ll start just a few:

    What Innokin Z-Platforms exist beyond the Z-Biip pod and Zenith MTL tank? Will the tank also be used to test the recipes?

    What PG/VG/Nic percentages will be used for testing and will the evaluation be done with any steeping given that FA tobacco flavors are being used? If so, how long will they be steeped for?

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