Noted: Ep. 55 – Liquors and Booze

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Flavor Names Notes % Time 
Flavor Monks (FM) Artisanal Gins Fairly solid, very accurate gin flavors, herbal, boozy,   4 
FA Gin Dry, juniper forward, a bulldozer of juniper  5 
FW Martini A really good dry vermouth  4 6 
VT Botanical Gin Good, sweeter, more well-rounded, closer to a high end gin, with a citrus note and a pleasant juniper note paired with some clean green leafy notes in the back end 3-7 11 
VT Russian Vodka Has a bit of a citrus sweet note to it, akin to drinking a sprite. Has a slight “kick” or “bite”. Has a slight “cooling” note 2 13 
VT Cherry Liquor Very medicinal, cherry very sweet cough syrup  3 18 
TFA Brandy Not boozy, oddly creamy, has a warmth with a fruity sweet cream with a vanilla finish 2-4 22 
FA Liquid Amber Makes a really good brandy, with a grapy sort of tart  23 
FA Brandy Darker syrupy sweetness, fruity forward, tastes like a wine and lacks a real boozy note 3 24 
VT Cognac Bitter taste in your mouth,   26 
INW Godfather Strong, bitter, fruity, almost jammy or syrupy .5-1.5 28 
TFA Kentucky Bourbon Super versatile, can make things taste cooked, its sweet, warm, slight woodiness,  1-6 30 
FLV Bourbon Really good oak char flavor, sweet and perfect for mixing with TFA Kentucky Bourbon 2-3 34 
VT Bourbon Fairly accurate boozy heat 6 35 
OOO Bourbon Whiskey A bourbon flavored crayon or candle 3 36 
RF Bourbon Decent oak note, a little bit savory, odd dry thin body  37 
FW Whiskey Like a bourbon with dog food mixed in with it. Specifically dry dog food. Will work to make warm bakery mixes. But not that well as a cocktail mix 1 38 
FA Whiskey More like a scotch flavor, has a bite, is a bit dry,   41 
VT Scotch Whiskey Leads with the booze, very warm, accurate, has some peat taste to it, tastes aged, and has a very strong alcoholic like kick to it 4 45 
MB JD Whiskey Very sweet, no boozy note, almost flavorless finish, old hamburger meat mixed in the middle 3 48 
German Flavors Whiskey Tastes like cotton candy dissolved in whiskey, and also tastes like dry erase marker dust 6 50 
FW Fire Whiskey Tastes like red hot cinnamon and cheap whiskey. Not a lot of boozy bite, slightly warm 2 52 
FA Jamaica Special Rhum Dark, but un spiced rum, has two shortcomings: not very boozy and it is way too sweet. Very dark brown sugar that ramps up faster than the booze does 1-3 58 
VT Light Rum Nice boozy kick without being harsh. An interesting mix of sweetness and savory.  Super top heavy  70 
VT Gold Rum Tastes like watered down Barbeque sauce 3 72 
FW Rum Cherry and brown sugar notes with a degreaser vibe to it  74 
MB Captain Rum Smooth sweet, light, vanilla flavor, and no booze 6 76 
German Flavors Rum Straight up nail polish 6 77 
INW Jamaican Rum Sour grapes, slight booze note to it, but an overwhelming sour grape note   79 
TPA Dark Rum Sour grapes  80 
DL Rum Fairly accurate, light rum, slight buttery note, and warm  5 81 


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