The Best Blue Raspberry Flavoring

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LB (Liquid Barn) Blue Raspberry

In the video above I tell you how Liquid Barn’s Blue Raspberry flavoring is the only blue raspberry you’ll ever need. Blue raspberry is simply put, just raspberry flavoring colored blue with some extra sweetness thrown in. We talked about this in the first article of InTheMix Magazine 3 years ago. What’s interesting is that Blue Raz does have a specific flavor to is, that differs from just normal raspberry, and because it’s so subtle, it’s often difficult to hit. Well, after trying dozens of different Blue Raz flavorings from all different companies, it’s safe to say that Liquid Barn’s offering is simply the best.

SOLO: 8%

MIX: 4 – 8%

LBBlue Raspberry8%
FWRainbow Sherbet1.5%
CAPSuper Sweet1 drop per 10ml
SteepShortShake & Vape

This is not a full “Flavorbook” review. It’s simply a “first impression”. If you want to see the full flavor book review when its available, make sure to sign up to become a member. 

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