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FA Graham Crust

This was the weakest of the bunch, so we’ll start here. The flavoring to me is just far too light. I mixed it up by itself at 2% in a 50/50 mix, and it’s been difficult trying to pull some flavor from it. I can taste some of the Acetyl Pyrazine that’s used to make this flavor, but that seems about it. On the hand there seems to be some Vanillin, but when vaped, it’s quite light. Now if it’s mainly AP, then using it at 2% might be a bit too high. Almost like it’s an “enhancer”, and not so much a flavoring by itself. Nonetheless, there is a light floury, bakery note that is present. But I wouldn’t go replacing TFA Graham Cracker Clear just yet.

FA Gelato Vaniglia

This flavoring was much better. On the top, there’s this light, yet bright & sweet vanilla note. On the finish is this light, creamy, but thin, dairy like foundation that holds the flavor together. If we’re comparing it to TFA Vanilla Gelato, it’s similar in profile, but the vanilla notes are different. If we’re comparing it to the many Vanilla Bean Ice Creams, it’s not nearly as rich. This is more light, bright, and fun. I expect this to be used in many situations where TFA Vanilla Swirl or FA Madagascar Vanilla would be appropriate.

FA New York Cheesecake

Finally we move on to the cheesecake. The top you taste strawberry, in the same realm as FA Strawberry, followed by this vanilla bean flavor, and a dairy finish. It’s a richer flavor than Gelato Vanilla, but that’s not to say it’s “rich”. In fact, if you’re looking for a rich, dense, velvety cheesecake, this is not it. That said, it’s very pleasant. The strawberry isn’t very sweet, but does add some depth and fruitiness. And the body has some nice dairy notes outfitted with a vanilla bean flavor, different from gelato. I do wish they were just try to create a Cheesecake, that way we can add our own fruits. But it’s nice to have a simple Strawberry Cheesecake. I see this being a very popular flavoring as well.



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