Nicotine Salts & How to Mix With Them


In the video above I extensively go over a popular compound in today's vaping...Nicotine Salts. I talk about what exactly Nicotine Salts are, how they became popular, who created them for vaping, what Nicotine Salts can provide for you, and most importantly, how to mix them into your e-liquids.

Tropical Nic Salt Recipe

The recipe to the right is the one used in the video. This is a very simple Tropical fruit mix, with notes of mango, guava, and of course, lemon lime. After working with Nicotine Salts for quite some time, and as showcased here in this article, keeping recipes simple works best when using "more than usual" amounts of nicotine salts. Normally at 1mg of freebase, CAP Sweet Guava at 2% is nice and sweet and vibrant. But at 24mg with Nicotine Salts and vaping in a closed pod system, the flavor severely lacks. So you can notice that not only is the recipe and profile simple, but the percentages are boosted as well. This is in order to get the very most out of every ingredient involved, getting you the most satisfying vape.


Tropical NicSalt Recipe


This recipe is to showcase the best way to mix with Nicotine Salts. A simple tropical recipe using all my favorite Capella flavorings


CAP Lemon Lime     5%CAP Sweet Guava     7%CAP Sweet Mango     7%FLV Sweetness     1%

Total Flavor: 20%


DIYorDIE, Walker Vapor Group LLC, or any of its associates, do not condone nor encourage, the use of nicotine, vapor products, or any mood altering substances. The content provided here is strictly for entertainment purposes only, and not meant to be seen as information or educational. Vaping highly concentrated nicotine e-liquids does pose some inherent risks, and you should only use after contacting your physician.

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