Noted: Ep. 19 – Tobacco Additives ft. ChemicalBurnVictim

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In this episode the Noted crew bring on tobacco master /u/ChemicalBurnVictim to talk about tobacco flavorings and additives and drop a host of recipes!

Flavorings Mentioned

Inw dirty nuetral base
Fa flack fire
Inw cuban cigar tobacco absolute
Inw Garuda Tobacco absolute
Flv smore
Flv smoked buterscotch
Fa oakwood
Tfa red oak
Flv oak barrel
Flv wood spice
Flv lovage
Flv bourbon
Fe oak milk
Tfa ap
Inw seseme sweets
Inw little space drop
Flv hazelnut
Inw tobacco peanut
Wf honey roasted peanut
Inw nutty princess
Fa nut mix
Cap oasted almond
Inw 35
Inw sweet king
Flv clove
Fa clove
Fa black pepper
Flv fig
Fa fig
Inw fortuna strike
Flv rich cinnamon

Recipes Mentioned

ChemicalBurnVictim’s Library

Collard Greens by ID10-T

Native God by ChemicalBurnVictim

Brigade 2506 by ChemicalBurnVictim

Smoaked by ChemicalBurnVictim

Autumn Sunset V2 by CheebaSteeba

The Hinterland by Kopel

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